sharing in governance of extractive industries

The available literature on reporting in the mining industry says very little about conflict management by mining companies and other stakeholders. Often times, conflict is mentioned as a factor increasing costs and as a challenge for the industry and governments. Nevertheless, less attention, as far as I know, as been devoted by the parties to report and hence educate others about successful experiences of conflict management. I would like to identify people with experience in conflict management in the mining industry (specially if they have experience in South America) that will be interested in taking part in the validation of a short survey on this issue. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested or if you know someone who may be even if not in GOXI.

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Hello Paul:
Reading your paragraph and your request, I will be willing to collaborate.
Send details to ppanting@usa.net
I was involved in majors mining conflicts in my country.
Patricia Panting

Thanks for reaching out Patricia.

I am thinking that perhaps a network approach could help recruit more people for this idea. Would you be willing to point me in the direction of other people that you consider could be interested in participating? Your references need not be GOXI members and I will follow your criteria on the best way to invite them.

Thanks again.


Thanks Paul, I have expertise in Conflict Management in the Minig Sector, especially of Ghana, West Africa. I have extensive knowledge in the Extractives in Ghana and West Africa and I am an ADR Practitioner (Arbitration and Mediation)

I will be happy to link up and share knowledge with South America on these Extractive Industry Conflict Management and its Reporting.

Eager to hear and learn more from this relationship and networking.

Best regards

Dear Louis,


I am Javed Noorani from Afghanistan and have been working in mining sector for the last 5 years and have some publications also. I would be happy to link up and exchange views on conflict management.

Look forward to reading from you.



Dear Paul,

In case you are interested, I work at the Ministry of Mines and Energy in Brazil and I could share my experience with conflicts involving mining activities in Brazil.
Best regards,
Marina Scalon (marina.scalon@gmail.com)

Hi Paul,

I provide conflict and governance analysis to donors and NGOs. Often the conflict I'm analysing is connected with extractives so happy to provide that perspective if useful.


Hi Paul,

It is an interesting topic. I am interested in this and have observed conflict around mines in Afghanistan and can offer some views.

Hi Paul,

I am sure you have already explored at least some of these, but the University of Queensland Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining and ICMM have a lot of very good material on this issue. And a lot has been written in book like Getting it Right by Luc Zandvleit and Mary Anderson and  some by Anthony Bebbington (South America focus). UNDP Peru has a huge program of conflict prevention in mining going on right now; their point person is/was Mirian Morales, although I am not sure if she is still there. The UN had an entire online training on this issue. Also there is/was an entire continent-wide consortium of conflict prevention specialists in Latin America. I think their point person was Pablo Lumerman.

I would be happy to stay in touch or work on this with the group.

Jodi Liss

Hi Paul,

I have some field experience on indigenous conflict and mining in Panama as well as some more general background on conflict and mining. Feel free to get in touch through GOXI mail and I'll send through contact details.



Hi Paul,

(Apologies for the belated contribution.)

I believe I have a number of cases, initiatives and reports on Conflict and Mining (from Conflict Minerals issues in Africa to post-conflict mining in Colombia, etc...).

I spent 2014 drafting post-conflict scenarios in Colombia's extractive regions, several of which are among the most affected by the conflict. There are a number of different dynamics, contexts and rationales that explain the different type of conflicts (environmental, social, institutional and geopolitical as well as the "classic" security kind), but the sector (whether producers or regulators) often have an inconsistent, short-term approach to preventing, identifying and dealing with conflicts.

I'd be happy to share insights and get your thoughts.



Thank you very much for your interest in this survey. The references and materials you all pointed out are have really helped me improve my research questions.

I am still waiting for two more people to join this group in order to send out the survey. I will give it a couple more weeks and contact you again.



Hi, Paul

I have research experience of this topic in a Malawian (southeastern Africa) context, and would be pleased to undertake your survey.

All the best,




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