sharing in governance of extractive industries

Hi everyone,

I am researching the relationship between extractive wealth-sharing arrangements and peace. The arrangements include peace agreements, government initiatives, mediation, informal arrangements, and referenda. Many arrangements have failed, but that is also informative.

I don't only mean the ideal arrangements where the community shares in the wealth; I am also looking at successful arrangements between elites that have just stopped the violence. 

The African countries I am looking at include Sudan, Sierra Leone, Central African Republic, Niger, Zimbabwe, South Africa, DRC, Congo -- Brazzaville, Nigeria, Angola, Guinea, and Algeria. In addition, I am examining Iraq, Aceh, Papua, Papua New Guinea, Myanmar, Peru, Baluchistan, the Philippines and Bolivia (possibly).

If anyone has any suggestions or insights, I would appreciate it.

Jodi Liss

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The only country that immediately comes to mind is Sudan and the newly forming country of Southern Sudan. Theres a tuslle for the oil fields that had been fought for between the predominantly muslim North and the (black) christian South. The black christian south just voted in a referendum to brake away and form an independent country, the newest to Africa's 51(?) countries.

But remember, the big muslim North Sudan has just calculated how much (>30%) oil revenue it will lose with the independent of the breakaway south. And it (the North) is not happy about that and there will be some confrontation, to put it mildly.

You see, Jodi I do not know of anywhere where governments share wealth.This is an academic concept. Governments are not into the business of sharing wealth. They dish out wealth as it befits them, especially if they are the bigger guys such as the US and Mexico. Can you imagine?

As in Sierra leone ,there was nothing left to share. For 10 years Charles Taylor's rebels pillaged whatever was left of the precious diamond deposits. So when the guns went silent and the rebels disappeared into the woods, the diamond region looked like the surface of the moon!

Again, I have not hard or read of a government sitting at the table with the vanquished to cut out prtions of any wealth. You take what the big guys give you and you better be content with your share!

Eng. Ahmed Finoh

Human beings are basically selfish; they have always been. Most, if not all of the world's woes are caused by the stronger subjugating the weaker and pillaging their wealth. Talk about all the -isms and trace their roots! Selfishness!

Christ taught us the way of love but not all are willing to consider it.

Let us live and let live through wealth-sharing; a new dawn will break upon the world!


Hi Jodi - If you're still working on this project, this link may be a useful resource for wealth-sharing agreements: http://www.sdsg.org/archives/cda-library/



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