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Wonderfull workshop. Great interaction. And one of the most wonderfull aspects of this is to realize that people from different cultures are facing quite the same problems. And to see how they are trying to find solutions is very encouraging.

We are taking this to another level!!!

Extremely rich discussions and active participation by all throughout these past two packed days. We are taking with us not only an abundance of knowledge and good suggestions that will shape the strategic direction of the project going forward-- but new friendships and good memories too. Thank you to all!

Hi everyone,

Thanks for interesting discussions and nice to meet everyone here in Stockholm. I mentioned the report we have done on Mining and the SDGs this morning, here are the hyperlinks for it.

Mapping Mining to the SDGs: An Atlas

Press release


Thank you for the resource you shared, Casper! 

Very interesting report.

Thank you


Last week in Stockholm we had the opportunity to meet with the teams from the 4 countries (Mozambique, Mongolia, Kenya and Colombia) in which the pilot-RoLPA evaluation is implemented. Some lessons left to me this meeting:


1.     Constant communication between working groups conducting the surveys, is very important as this is a new survey, with questions that have not yet been field-tested and on sensitive issues. Lessons and adjustment needs of the surveys will be of great value for the teams of the four countries.

2.     Technical aspects of the RoLPA pilot survey, including number of users involved in the process and data analysis, as well as the profile of the user, are important aspects that need to be discuss while the survey is implemented.

3.     Including the environment as an essential right in the decisions of the mining sector is fundamental in contexts of conflict such as the Colombian. However, resolving situations of poverty, lack of opportunities, lack of access to appropriate extraction technologies and strengthening of the entire mining artisanal production chain, are conditions for small-scale mining to be able to move towards environmental sustainability.

4.     It is essential to integrate into the programme, activities that explicitly contribute to overcoming situations of conflict for women in mining contexts.

5.     Understanding and recognizing the link between sound environment and the viability of mining, would contribute to achieving the long-term viability of mining.

Thank you for these very insightful lessons you learned from the Annual Meeting in Stockholm, Lorena Franco! The links between environmental sustainability and conflict prevention/security in the mining sector need to be strengthened and are key to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. This could be a discussion thread we could explore here in this Group. Thank you!

Dear EGMS members,

We hope this message finds you well and that your New Year is off to a great start.

For those of you who attended the global technical meeting in Stockholm last November/December, we wish to thank you for your participation and constructive engagement.

We would like to share a summary note of the workshop discussions as well as the workshop evaluation (see attached files), pictures and youtube clips featuring some of the workshop participants sharing their thoughts on the programme.

We would also like to invite participants who attended these events to post their pictures and any reflections about the workshop here on this discussion thread. You can also add a blog post about the mine visit in Garpenberg, Sweden where you can share your pictures and your thoughts on the tailing management system, monitoring process, stakeholder engagement and how it compares with your country's environmental management system in the mining sector. More information on how to add a blog post can be found here.

We look forward to continue the excellent collaboration in 2017.

Kind regards on behalf of the UNDP/SEPA team




           GOXI Partners



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