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FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Discussion Forum

  • Where can I start a discussion?

You can start a discussion in the Discussion Forum which is located under the More Information box. Simply click on Add a Discussion

Then the page below opens. 

Now you can add your discussion title in the Title box and your text in the Post box. You can also add media or documents in the text box by clicking on the icons at the top. If you want to insert a hyperlink, simply highlight the part of the text that you want to be connected to a web link. It can be the title of an article/blog post you want to share, for example. Then you click on Link, and add the link. Once it is inserted, the text should appear blue, which means that anyone can click on it and will be taken to the web link.  

You can also upload files as attachments at the bottom where it says Attach Files

You can also preview your discussion before adding. Simply click on Preview and a new page will open where you can see what your discussion will look like once it is posted. If you are happy with it , go back and click on Add Discussion and you're done!

You can choose what font style and size you want. Generally, we recommend that you use Arial and 10 pts. 

  • What is a tag?


Tags are used to label your discussions and enable you to search for any of your content on GOXI that contains that same tag. Choose tags that are related to your topic of discussion and add them to the Tags box under your discussion. Remember to separate your tags with a comma. 

  • Once my discussion is posted, can I edit or delete it?

Yes, you can always edit the discussions, its tags or even delete it after it is posted. Simply click on the Options bar and choose one of the options. Close discussion means that members can no longer reply to it. 

  • How can I contribute to an existing open discussion?

Click on Reply to This, enter your text or documents and Add Reply. Please note that you have 15 minutes to edit your reply but you can delete your reply at any time. 

  • Can I share my discussion or other members' discussion on my social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter)?                                                                              


Yes, you can share discussions on Twitter and Facebook. Just make sure that your GOXI account is linked with your social media accounts. (see Social Media section)


  • How can I be notified of the discussion replies?

If you click on the Follow option at the bottom of the page, you will receive notifications every time a member replies to the discussion. 

Comment Wall

  • What can I post on the comment wall?

Please post announcements of events, jobs, or other news. You can also share articles or blog posts by providing the link. Feel free to ask any questions related to the group, discussion topics or even unrelated questions! 

  • Can I edit or delete my comment once it is added?

 You can only delete your comment by clicking on the x located at the top right corner of the comment box. My suggestion is that if you want to edit your comment, copy it, delete the comment and then paste it back into a new comment box, edit it as you see fit and then add it. 


  • What are the Pages on the sidebar for?

The Pages are part of the EGMS Group's digital library, containing resources related to the group's focus on environmental and human rights dimensions of the mining sector. 

  • Can I add resources to these Pages?

No, but you can add a link to a resource in the comment section under the relevant Page. 

You can also add a link on the Comment Wall or send them to Environmental Governance Programme via a private message and I will add it to the library. Lastly, you can add is as a reply to a relevant discussion topic. 

Blog posts

  • How do I publish a blog post on GOXI?

There are two places to go to add a blog post here on GOXI

(i) Go to Interact in the main menu, scroll down to Blogs and click on Add       


The page below opens

You can now add your blog post Title and Entry. Just like a discussion, you can Preview the blog post before publishing it. 

(ii) Go to Interact and scroll down to My GOXI 

The page below opens

Click on Blog Post and the pop up window below appears

Add your blog pots and Publish it. 

  • How can I adjust the Privacy settings of my blog post?

Simply scroll down on the Blog Post page to where it says Privacy & Comments

You can check Everyone, Just My Friends or Just Me for who can view your post or who can comment on your post. You can also share your post on you Facebook account by checking the Share on Facebook box. You also have the option of scheduling your post to be published at a date and time. 

  • How can I share my blog post with the EGMS Group?

You can share your blog post with the Group by providing the link on our Comment Wall, sending it to the group via the Send message to the Group option or you can Add a Discussion and provide the link to your blog post in the body of the discussion. You can also send the link to the Environmental Governance Programme via a private message and I will feature your post. 

General Questions (for more information on How to GOXI, go here)

  • Favorite, Friends, and Follow
    • What is the Favorite button for?

The Favorite button is similar to the Like button on Facebook. By clicking it, you are showing that you would recommend a post, picture, video or Group. This activity will show up on your personal page and on GOXI's homepage if your Privacy Settings allow this (for more information, see the Privacy Settings section on this page).

  • What does Adding a Friend on GOXI allow me to do?

You can request to become Friends with a member of this Group or anyone on GOXI by clicking on the Add as Friend button under a GOXian's profile picture. Once you are friends, you can then send this member a private message. 

Note: You can not send a message to a member unless you are friends with them. You can also add a personal message when you request to add them as a friend. 

  • What happens when I Follow a member of this Group?

Following a member of this Group will allow you to be notified of this member's activity. 

  • Social Media
    • How do I link my GOXI account with my social media accounts?

Go to My GOXI, click on Settings, and scroll down to Connections

Now Sign in with Facebook and/or Twitter and enable the Post Content, Share Content feature and now your content or other members' content can be shared. 

  • Privacy Settings
    • How can I adjust my Privacy Settings?

Simply go to My GOXI, Settings, and Privacy

Now you can adjust the visibility of your profile page, your blog, photos, videos, and events.

You can also choose to have or not to have your activity published on GOXI's home page. 

  • Language
    • What language can I post in?

You are encouraged to post in your native language or one you feel most comfortable with. GOXI has a built-in Google Translator tool in the right sidebar of every page. 

Add a Comment

You need to be a member of Environmental Governance and Conflict Prevention Community of Practice to add comments!


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