sharing in governance of extractive industries

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Mining and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

  This report, prepared jointly by the United Nations Development Programme, the World Economic Forum, the Columbia Center on Sustainable Investments and the Sustainable Development Solutions N… View »

FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Discussion Forum Where can I start a discussion? You can start a discussion in the Discussion Forum which is located under the More Information box. Simply click on Add a Discussion Then the pa… View »

Upcoming Events

Cancun Biodiversity and Law and Governance Day, December 10, 2016 Global Technical Workshop in Stockholm, Sweden Nov 29 - Dec 1, 2016 Human Rights, Environment and Climate Change Seminar, Decembe… View »

Blog Posts and EGMS Discussions

Blog Posts Rule of Law  Rule of Law Assessment of Environmental Public Administration in Colombia SESA Promoting integration of environmental and social considerations into development strategies… View »

EGP Newsletter and Programme Information

Programme information Environmental Governance Programme Handout Advisory Board Membership List Newsletter Environmental Governance Programme News Update July 2016 Environmental Governance Programm… View »

HRBA in the Extractive Sector Resources

Human Rights and Conflict Resolution Promoting Human Rights, Ensuring Social Inclusion and Avoiding Conflict in the Extractive Sector View »

Guidelines and Toolkits

GUIDELINES FOR COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT Local communities are affected by oil, gas or mining projects in many ways. Extractive industry activities might impact communities by forced resettlement, abuses… View »

Workshop and Learning Activities

Mozambique Mozambique Workshop Report, October 12-13 2016.pdf The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) in close collaboration with the M… View »

Country Key Resources

Colombia General Knowledge ANDI - Colombia Mining Projects Report 2010 ABColombia - "Giving It Away: The Consequences of an Unsustainable Mining Policy in Colombia" 2012 Ernst & Young - "Colombia… View »



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