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Webinar Series: Strengthening Indigenous Peoples’ Capacity: Leadership and Rights

Since time immemorial, indigenous peoples and local communities (IPLCs) have served as custodians of the environment by protecting and sustainably using a variety of ecosystems. They often live in areas with a high concentration of biodiversity, and their knowledge and practices can be a source of traditional as well as innovative conservation and sustainable development solutions to safeguard the planet. Nevertheless, indigenous peoples’ territories (lands and waters) are increasingly under threat from economic development models that prioritise wealth creation. As voiced in various workshops supported by UNDP's Equator Initiative, IPLCs are requesting capacity building opportunities that support them to better understand autonomous governance structures; apply international legal frameworks at the national level; learn effective conflict resolution and negotiation skills; and more effectively communicate messages to protect their lands, waters, cultures and well-being. To help meet these goals, the NBSAP Forum Host Partners and the Equator Initiative are co-hosting a five-part IPLC focused webinar series in July 2017. Some webinars are available in English and some in Spanish. Register once and attend as many webinars as you want. Registration is simple - Click here.

  • Webinar13th July 2017  

Webinario: Derechos de Pueblos Indígenas a la Tierra, el Territorio y a los Recursos Naturales: Estándares Internacionales y Mecanismos de Protección

  • Webinar 18th July 2017

Webinar #3: Indigenous Communities Respond to Threats: Conflict Resolution and Negotiation Strategies

  • Webinar 25th July 2017

Webinario: Claves para una comunicación intercultural e inclusiva

  • Webinar 27th July Webinar 

Webinar: Indigenous Ubuntu Resurgence

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