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Indicators for monitoring social and economic linkages of concessions in 7 categories

The social and economic linkages of concessions can be monitored by quantifiable indicators. The enclosed Mineral Regime Matrix based on the principles of the Africa Mining Vision offers 7 categories and a tool to evaluate the developmental impact of concessions. Thus even a ranking of (potential) concessionaires can be done in a round of negotiation and a specific country context.

Mineral Regime Matrix with quantifiable indicators, GIZ 2011.pdf

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Thanks for sharing Lutz. I assume that according to the Mining Vision it's the government who is supposed to monitor the linkages? Also, I was wondering if it is the quality or quantity of investments in community development (and EIA and SIAs) or both that you are looking at? For example, it would be a better link if community development investments link to local or national development plans. Thanks, Cindy

Thanks for the Matrix Luz.

I am trying to figure out how to get into the specifics of monitoring direct social and environmental contributions (so regardless of the taxes the company pays) - I'm thinking of school and health center projects, local development schemes, etc. Do you know of any system to objectively evaluate the quality and/or quantity and/or $ impact of such contributions? I presume they must exist in the aid sector but don't know if there's any system for corporate contributions.


Hi Lies,


You'd be surprised. At the World Bank Institute we're actually working on developing a roadmap to monitoring the implemenation of extractive industries contracts, where of course we face the issues of monitoring qualit/quantity and $ impact. I'm happy to share info with you, but it would be helpful to know a bit more about your project. You can contact me at ckroon@worldbank.org if you want.







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