sharing in governance of extractive industries

Curse or Blessing – Development or Misery
Scrambling to the Bottom or Scrambling to the Top
Natural Resources, Economic Growth, and Conflict: A Literature Review

Much has been written about natural resources, economic growth and conflict. In particular, the early reception of studies on the linkage between resources and conflict was characterized by an overly simplistic confrontation of the two supposed motivations for rebellion, “greed versus grievance”. In the same vein, the discovery of oil has, in some instances, been characterized as a curse, with negative economic effects supposedly outweighing the potential benefits. Since then, however, new insights have helped to nuance the discussion. Researchers around the globe have identified numerous intervening variables, showing that there is no automatic link between natural resources and conflict or growth. The governance context matters.

This study of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, authored by German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP) presents the state of the art of research on the multiple interlinkages between natural resources, economic growth and conflict, also offering insights into what works and under what circumstances.

Curse or Blessing – Development or Misery, SWP, GIZ resource govern...

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This looks like an excellent document.  Thank you for posting this Lutz.

Apparently the answers to the question of whether natural resource endowments are a blessing or curse are either not obvious or we are not honest enough to see them. When it comes to resource management is it difficult to see why Botswana is not Bolivia, or Nigeria not Norway, or Congo not Chile?

The obvious answer is the governance systemes, which depends on the political maturity that creates the enabling environments for visionary national leadership for beneficial resources management.



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