sharing in governance of extractive industries

Short Internships – Adam Smith International, Extractive Industries Governance

Vacancy type                Short term position, part time

Location                       London

Service areas(s)           Sector Governance and learning  

Duration:                       tbc


About Adam Smith International and its Extractive Industries Work

Adam Smith International is a leading international authority on the governance and development of the oil, gas and mining industries in the developing world, with more than 10 years of experience in over 40 countries. We provide strategic advice and implement complex reform programmes to support governments to maximise resource revenue, increase employment and deliver sustainable and equitable economic growth.

The position would be joining a large and highly motivated team of international and national world experts.


The Objectives of the Role

ASI is developing the Extractives Hub, a signposting website, which will also provide a helpdesk offering technical assistance and matchmaking services to target government users from focus countries.

The overall objective of the Extractives Hub programme will be to contribute to strengthening institutions responsible for policy making and management of extractive industries in developing countries. In achieving this objective, it aims to nurture inclusive growth, specifically targeting better incorporation of women and girls and marginalised communities in the management of extractive industries.

Currently, in its Inception Phase, the Extractives Hub will be publically launched in February. The role will focus on providing support to the Extractives Hub implementation team during this critical period.


Requested Services

The position would be to support the management of content related to extractive industries governance for the web platform.

The role would be perfect for an individual recently graduated from university and based in London who has an interest in progressing their experience and expertise in:

    International development

    Extractive industries governance

    Research and writing skills

    Development of technical platforms

Experience of working with HTML would be a benefit.


Heard Enough? Ready to Apply?

If you feel your skill set would be suitable for the above objectives it would be great to hear from you. Please get in contact by emailing William.Macpherson@adamsmithinternational.com

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