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GOXI is a space for dialogue and platform for innovation and collaboration serving those actively working on governance issues in the extractive industries.

In June 2009 the World Bank Institute's Governance for Extractive Industries Program at the World Bank and partners, including the African Development Bank, began a series of consultations with extractive industries practitioners from government, the private sector, civil society and think tanks to assess the current reality and capacity needs in terms of strengthening governance of the sector. In the process, practitioners pinpointed the need for a standing forum for innovation and collaboration across stakeholders groups, countries and initiatives. In response, GOXI is designed to be a place where you can:

  • Discuss the big ideas;
  • Share opinions and information, including new research and events;
  • Connect with others actively working on the sector and dealing with similar challenges;
  • Learn what is happening around the world;
  • Find jobs; and
  • Announce initiatives in which you are engaged and collaborate to make them happen.

Since its conception, GOXI has transitioned from an African focus community to a global community of practitioners interested in governance of extractive industries.

With effect from 21 November 2013, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) joined the World Bank as convener of the GOXI Community. As conveners, both organizations will support the further development of GOXI.

By joining forces, WB and UNDP will look to further improve the services offered to GOXIans and open up possibilities for further functionalities for the GOXI community. For instance, options for the near future include: enhancing the multi-language functions of GOXI's website; setting up an open e-library to improve the content management component of GOXI; and developing an expert finder connected to a helpdesk.  You can read the announcement here.

We invite you to share, learn and connect for action towards greater accountability and, in turn, better development outcomes of extractive industries. Our aim is that GOXI will be a top trusted source of knowledge, experiences, learning and connections in the sector and a richer platform for dialogue and exchange of practical experiences, policy and lessons learned on issues related to the governance of the extractive industries.

GOXI welcomes your suggestions and feedback on what is useful and what is not on the platform, including how GOXI can be adapted to best serve your needs in support of improved governance outcomes in the sector. Contact GOXI with your input.


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