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A Visualization to Follow the Money in the Extractive Sector

In the oil, gas and mining sector, a complex web of relationships governs the flow of money from private companies to governments to the local communities that benefit from government spending and services. The Extractives Governance Global Solutions Group at the World Bank has been working on a “Follow the money”  tool that leverages the increasing availability of extractives data for more informed policy making and enhanced oversight, and to better enable citizens to “follow the data” and in turn “follow the money” from what is due under the deals to revenues captured to how those revenues are spent.

The following visualizations help illustrate the web of relationships in the extractive sector. The base map serves as a framework that serves as a common visual reference point on how revenues and expenditures flow throughout the extractives value chain, and is a visual backdrop against which data can be posted. The variations of the base map incorporate country data, showing its potential to create “layers” for particular interests to contextualize the debate and discussion of how revenues can be measured, traced, and utilized. The goal is to create a tool that is flexible for future uses to make it a valuable aid for collaboration and discussion for a wide range of issues.

Please note that the tool is in its early stages and is a work in progress. Thus, while the sample layers have real data, it has not been exhaustively compared to other sources.  You can use the comment box below to send us your feedback.

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