sharing in governance of extractive industries


GOXI is a hub for all those interested in issues of governance connected to extractive industries.

GOXI is a space to share, learn and connect for action towards greater accountability and, in turn, better development outcomes of extractive industries.

The development of natural resources is complex, but, if well managed, has the potential to support long term development in resource-rich countries. However, it is clear that poor choices about how resources are developed lead to poor development outcomes for society at large. Consequently, the responsibility to ensure positive outcomes is enormous and must be shared among stakeholder groups – government, industry, civil society, parliament, media, academia and think tanks. Poor choices are reflective of weak governance and the need for greater accountability in decision making.

Extractive industries continues to be of growing significance for the development of different regions over the next decades.  This is specially true for Africa, where an increasingly diverse collection of local, national and international stakeholders are involved with the extractive industries sector in the region.

GOXI is part of a broader effort, initiated by the World Bank Group and the AfricanDevelopment Bank, to improve development outcomes from extractive industries by fostering greater accountability in the sector.

GOXI's online presence (www.goxi.org) is complemented by different face to face events- from learning events to panel discussions, multi-stakeholder, focused dialogues on emerging governance issues related to the EI value chain, and new sparked partnerships between GOXIans – all part of one community to enable those working actively on these issues to connect, share, learn and collaborate.

Working collaboratively, and harnessing the tools, perspectives and expertise available through a growing network of practitioners on the ground, we envision better governance of natural resources with consequent benefits for all citizens.


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