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Afghan knots in green villages

By Pablo Valverde

First impressions from an assessment of Afghanistan progress against the EITI Standard

Legend says that sometime around 2000 BC, an oracle decreed that the next man to enter the city of Telmissus would become king of the Phrygians. Gordias, a farmer riding on an ox-cart, drove into the city and was summarily made king. Decades later, his son, the famous King Midas, commemorated this event by tying the cart to a pole in…


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Reports, recommendations, reforms: How the EITI is improving PNG’s natural resource management

By Lucas Alkan, National Coordinator, PNG EITI

Before Papua New Guinea signed up to implement the EITI Standard in 2013, there was no framework in place for disclosure of revenue streams from the country’s mining and petroleum sector. Nor was information on how much proceeds end up in the government budget or spending for socio-economic development readily available.

Since 2013, government support for extractive sector transparency, both in terms of policy…


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Interview with Bolormaa Purevjav: How is Participatory Environmental Monitoring Organized in Mongolia?

Interview by Jasmin Blessing and Sarah Daitch


Bolormaa Purevjav is Chair for the Stakeholder’s Engagement for Sustainable Development (SESD) in Mongolia. Bolormaa has over 15 years of experience in leading development…


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Extractives Sector Corruption: What we have learned

Cari Votava is a Senior Financial Sector Specialist with the World Bank Group, focusing on financial…


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How “Premature Funds” Can Leave Countries Poorer

by Andrew Bauer and David Mihalyi (Natural Resource Governance Institute)

Countries rich in oil and minerals commonly use sovereign wealth funds (SWFs) to store a share of their natural resource wealth. Examples include Chile, Kuwait, Norway, Texas (U.S.), Timor-Leste, and more than 50 other countries. These funds have been used to decrease budget volatility, save for future generations, or earmark financial earnings for education or infrastructure…


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The World Bank @ Mining Indaba 2018


The World Bank at Mining Indaba 2018

Monday, 5 February

Report Launch: Social Progress in Mining-Dependent…


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Financial Modeling of Mining Projects: A Tool for Optimizing the Financial Benefits of the Mining Sector

The financial model of a project is one of the most important documents a mining company will submit as part of a package of documents to get a mining license in most mineral-rich countries. However, this valuable tool seems to be underused by developing country administrations in their interaction with mining companies throughout the life cycle of mines.

What is a financial model of a mining project?

Every industrial mining project has its financial model. It is…


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Natural Resources for Sustainable Development: The Fundamentals of Oil, Gas and Mining Governance (facilitated MOOC)

CCSI, the Natural Resource Governance Institute (NRGI), the World Bank and the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) are pleased to announce the re-launch of an updated version of the massive open online course (MOOC) on Natural Resources for Sustainable Development: The Fundamentals of Oil, Gas and Mining Governance, on February 5, 2018. The MOOC, (delivered in…


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Big oil strikes it rich in tax overhaul and looks to repeal landmark transparency law

US oil companies scored big wins in the recent changes to the tax code, and now aim to dismantle Section 1504, the pioneering anticorruption provision that requires them to disclose their payments to governments globally.

Activists outside the offices of Chevron are…


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January 24 & 25 2018 – Environmental Monitoring,Part II: Can participatory environmental monitoring committees empower citizens to shape decision making?

This webinar will compliment Environmental Monitoring Part 1: The fundamentals and access to information. It explores the work of community-based environmental monitoring committees. The goal of this webinar is for those participating to come…


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Trabajo de Mujeres Mineras en Bolivia

Comparto con ustedes un resumen del  estudio recientemente realizado por nuestra empresa Cumbre del Sajama  en La Paz, Bolivia ( www.cumbredelsajama.com) en relación a las actividades que realizan las mujeres que trabajan en minería, sobre todo de minería de pequeña escala. Destacamos el trabajo que realizan las mujeres mineras que además han roto el mito de que no pueden ingresar a interior mina. El documento es un diagnóstico completo sobre la…


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Join Jan 31st UNDP-IFC-IPIECA webinar: Mapping the oil and gas industry to the Sustainable Development Goals

UNDP-IFC-IPIECA webinar: Mapping the oil and gas industry to the Sustainable Development Goals


The 2030 Agenda and its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide a common global framework for navigating the world’s most urgent economic, social, and environmental challenges. While governments have the primary responsibility to prioritize, coordinate and implement efforts to meet the SDGs, there is wide recognition that the private sector and…


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2017 Annual State of the ASM Sector and 2018 Outlook


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Guinea’s National Petroleum Office Takes First Contract Transparency Steps

From NRGI website, link here

In October, Guinea’s National Petroleum Office published two production-sharing contracts, the country’s only hydrocarbons pacts to date, on its website.

One was signed in 2006 with SCS Corporation, a subsidiary of Hyperdynamics, and another with…


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Article concerning Talvivaara mine and water pollution in Finland

Announcing a new article in the journal “The Extractive Industries and Society (http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2214790X16301770)” with my colleagues and co-authors, Heidi Tiainen and Tuija Mononen, titled “Talvivaara mine and water pollution: An analysis of mining conflict in Finland”.

In this paper…


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