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March 2012 Blog Posts (28)

Weekly GOXI : March 29, 2012

A weekly digest of activity on GOXI - March 29, 2012

In less than two years  of existence, the GOXI community has grown to more than 1000 members passionate about the governance of extractive industries…


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Weekly GOXI: March 29, 2012

A weekly digest of activity on GOXI - March 29, 2012

In less than two years  of existence, the GOXI community has grown to more than 1000 members passionate about the governance of extractive industries…


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Syria’s transit future: all pipelines lead to Damascus?

Between the rise of Hafez al-Assad in 1971 and the crisis engulfing his son’s government today, the Syrian energy sector seems to have come full circle.

An oil importer in the 1950s and 60s with little production of its own, Syria became a net exporter of oil by the 1980s; it is now a country whose depleting reserves will lead to…


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The story of Niger, or how not to have an oil boom while your people starve

There can't be many countries who face famine as their GDP rises by 14%. Yet that is the situation in the West African state of Niger, where the World Food Program, the International Red Cross, Oxfam and other humanitarian agencies launched appeals this week to help some 400,000 people now at risk from severe malnutrition. At the same…


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Tanzanian CSOs In Support Of The European Union's Proposed Rules On Mandatory Disclosure On Extractives And Logging

WE, the undersigned Tanzanian Civil Society Organizations virtually convened on 13th March, 2012 to discuss the proposed EU regulations on mandatory disclosure on extractives and logging and its implications to the governance of Tanzanian oil, gas, mineral and forest sectors.

RE-AFFIRM our commitment to promote transparent, effective and efficient management of extractive resources in practice beyond just empty words; this takes…


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Requis: Conseillers pour les Industries Extractives

Adam Smith International dispose d'une feuille de route superbe dans la gouvernance des industries extractives (pétrole, gaz et mines) dans le monde entier. ASI est l'un des principaux fournisseurs mondiaux de l'assistance technique à la réforme de gouvernance des industries extractives. Nous nous concentrons sur la fourniture de conseil politique de haut niveau, la réforme juridique, réglementaire et de licence, la gestion des recettes, la réforme institutionnelle et le développement…


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Q+A- Foreign mining, oil firms risk nationalisation unless locals see benefits-Tanzanian bishop

By Luke Balleny

LONDON (TrustLaw) – Mining and oil companies are under growing pressure from African governments and campaigners to do more for local communities or risk being nationalised,Bishop Stephen Munga of Tanzania said.

Munga is bishop of the Northeastern Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania and an outspoken campaigner for resource transparency in his country.

He was in Brussels this week with aid agency Tearfund to lobby the European Parliament…


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Go into mineral prospecting, Tanzanians urged

A prominent member of the Tanzanian business community has made an impassioned appeal for more Tanzanians to engage in mineral prospecting, saying that would help them reap handsome benefits from the country’s natural resources. IPP Executive Chairman Reginald Mengi made the call at a luncheon he hosted for mining stakeholders in Dar es Salaam yesterday.

He said it was of vital importance for Tanzanians to cooperate with serious and well-meaning foreign investors from the…


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Weekly GOXI: March 22, 2012

A weekly digest of activity on GOXI - March 22, 2012

It's an enduring debate in the quest to use natural resources for sustainable development: Should…


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So what would an oil contracts database look like?

Imagine a world in which extractive industry contracts were routinely published, from Article 1 definitions to Annexes with long lists of GPS data points of contract areas and everything from production sharing splits to management structures inbetween. Imagine the typical corporate arguments of breach of confidentiality agreements and conflict with…


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Who cares about oil in Libya?

What will it take to get Libyans talking about their oil industry? As in detail, numbers and mechanisms, not just salon gossip and personal slander.

At the end of the Paving the Future Youth Forum, organised last week in Tripoli by the British Council,…


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Summarizing data from 6 years of EITI reporting

EITI released "Extracting Data", a summary of 79 reports covering 6 years, 30 countries and over 900 companies, giving snapshots of each country. 


From the introduction: 

"Extracting Data is an overview of the 79 EITI Reports that have been published as of January 2012. It compiles key information such as total government revenues and company payments from…


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Guiding The Oil Debate In Uganda

Let us not misguide the oil debate

By Ibrahim Kasita

The energy ministry finallytabled two oil Bills - the Petroleum (exploration, development and production) Bill 2012 and the Petroleum (refining, gas processing and conversion, transportation and storage) Bill 2012 - in Parliament in last week.

The third Bill - the Petroleum revenue management Bill - is expected to be tabled before Parliament soon by the finance…


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Infrastructure Bottlenecks Remains A Hurdle for Uganda's Oil Exploitation!

Where will Money for Oil Infrastructure come from?


Uganda’s oil and gas industry is now fast moving from exploration to appraisal, development and production chain. Tullow and partners suggested that commercial production could start in two to three years.

“This timeline is technically feasible,” Eoin Mekie, the Tullow…


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Neptune Misfortune: Uganda Learn OIl Is A Risky Venture

Oil firm fails to find wells


By Ibrahim Kasita

Imagine investing $50m (sh125b) in a business venture and after seven years there is nothing to show. This is what happened to Neptune Petroleum Uganda Ltd when it invested $50m in drilling three wells -Iti-1, Avivi-1 and the latest Mvule-1 in West Nile in Uganda.

Only to discover a dry well or a well filled with water. The $50m was not readily available on…


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Oil in Uganda website launched

A website I have been developing with ActionAid Uganda, www.oilinuganda.org, is now online. Three writers will be reporting regularly on the economic, social, governance and environmental dimensions of Uganda’s nascent oil industry.

Background content already posted to the site includes:


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Weekly GOXI: March 15, 2012

A weekly digest of activity on GOXI - March 15, 2012

Haul trucks are beginning to displace…


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By Coletta Wanjohi

The discovery of oil in Uganda has raised concerns among many communities all over the country as to how they will benefit. In Ghana, where oil production has just begun, there is confusion over whose job it is to help the locals achieve a better standard of living. It has become a blame game with the companies feeling that they do enough, the communities expecting more and the government failing to draw a line between what its…


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Robots, red dust, and the future of mining towns

Karen McNab & Daniel Franks - The University of Queensland

This article was originally published at The Conversation. Read the original article.…


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The Oil Curse is here

My new book is finally out.  It's called The Oil Curse: How Petroleum Shapes the Development of Nations (Princeton University Press).  My goal was to produce the most complete, up-to-date, accurate, and accessible picture of the 'oil curse,' meaning the key political, economic, and social effects of oil wealth - especially for low and middle income countries.  Fellow GOXIans can tell me if I've succeeded!…


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