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Featured Blog Posts – June 2016 Archive (20)

Unanswered Questions Remain Unanswered on Oil and Gas Exploration in Malawi’s Lake and Land (PWYP Malawi Press Release, 24 June 2016)

Last week, Malawi's Natural Resources Justice Network along with Publish What You Pay Malawi released a Press Release asking Government to respond to …


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PWYP Press Release: Malawi’s Mining Fiscal Regime – Have We Been Consulted? (21 June 2016)

Last week, Publish What You Pay Malawi and the Natural Resources Justice Network with the National Tax Justice Platform released the following Press Release asking whether or not they have been consulted on Malawi's …


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Left Stranded? Extractives-Led Growth in a Carbon-Constrained World

This DFID-funded Research Paper by Chatham House looks at how extractives-led growth can (or whether it should seek to) co-exist with low-carbon development ambitions in low-income countries. A summary can be found below. We look forward to seeing this work continue as countries at the sharp end…


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Harnessing Extractive Industries for Development in sub-Saharan Africa #EX4DEV16

This two-day international workshop brought together over 40 PhD researchers, leading academics, and expert industry practitioners. Designed to foster dialogue and collaboration, a range of presentations, breakout discussion groups, and a lively panel discussion explored the challenges and pathways to realising the development potential of extractive industries (mining, oil and gas) in sub-Saharan Africa.

The most resounding message was that ‘we need more of…


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How to Build a Solid Stakeholder Engagement Plan

Working with clients both on-site and remotely over the past 10 years has taught me many lessons, and I must say one of the most valuable ones to this day is that planning, as exhausting (or even overrated!) it may seem, can make the difference between a project’s success or failure. Especially when your project has several impacts – good and/or bad – on communities. That’s exactly why stakeholder engagement activities must be planned. And not just Let’s scribble an approximate plan on a…


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Nigeria: Mapping the labyrinth

This article is originally published on eiti.org

Nigeria’s EITI provides evidence of an oil and gas industry in flux. According to the Nigerian Ministry of Petroleum Resources, 78 of Nigeria's 159 oil fields are located in the Niger Delta region (as seen from space in the image below).…


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The dogs bark, but the caravan moves on: Iraq EITI demonstrates that transparency is achievable even under difficult circumstances

This article was originally published on www.eiti.org.

In spite of the ongoing political, financial and security crisis, Iraq continues to publish data that could be used to inform the political debate.

As explosions rock Baghdad, citizens storm the parliament and Iraqi forces prepare to retake Fallujah from Islamic State (Daesh), Iraq continues to provide its citizens with important information…


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Digging for the missing $15 billion of diamond revenue in Zimbabwe

by Elisa Peter, Executive Director, Publish What You Pay

When President Mugabe announced on his 92nd birthday, 21st February 2016, that $15 billion worth of revenues generated by the diamond industry had gone missing, the majority of Zimbabweans believed him. Zimbabwe is among the world’s ten largest producers of diamonds. It is also one of the world’s poorest countries, ranked 156 in the …


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A Balancing Act for Extractive Sector Governance in Afghanistan

Co-authored by Javed Noorani and Lien De Brouckere, "A Balancing Act for Extractive Sector Governance" aims to examine the role and governance of the extractive sector in the economic development of Afghanistan. Specifically, the issue paper first addresses the threshold question as to whether, and if so, how the extractive sector can support economic development in Afghanistan without creating or contributing to conflict. Next, it identifies challenges and presents recommendations in two…


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EI Academy has a new online series "How to Negotiate with Companies"

EI Academy has a new series on how communities can get better, smarter deals from extractive companies. The 12-part series will be released every week on GOXI over the summer and includes information and strategy on how to get the best environmental protections, legal advice, government relations, financial benefits, and land rights possible. Communities should get what they deserve!

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Governance Drives Returns! Especially in Commodity Dependent Countries

by Ole Hagen Jørgensen is Director of Research at Global Evolution Fondsmæglerselskab in Denmark

This is the 7th and last blog from the How is industry…


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Aleph and beneficial ownership: working up from the ground

Within the EITI process, the issue of beneficial ownership has gained momentum. After a successful pilot phase to which 11 countries voluntarily signed up, the 2016 EITI standard now requires all 51 implementing countries  to ensure that companies disclose their beneficial owners. These are early days, however, and so far reporting on beneficial ownership is showing…


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https://shar.es/1JHxJl The adoption of direct negotiation for petroleum contracts has become a norm rather than the exception for most oil producing African countries. This is the position of the Africa Oil Governance Report. According to the report, nine out of the eighteen countries studied have adopted competitiv

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Minister Msaka launches Malawi's Mining Contract Negotiation Capacity Building Project

L-R: Coumba Doucoure Ngalani (AMDC Lead Legal Consultant), Charles Kaphwiyo (Director of Mines), Hon Bright Msaka SC (Minister of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining), Jalf Salima (Director of Geological Surveys Department), Grain Malunga (Coordinator of Malawi Chamber of Mines and Energy)
L-R: Coumba Doucoure Ngalani (AMDC Lead Legal Consultant), Charles Kaphwiyo (Director of Mines, retired), Hon Bright Msaka SC (Minister of…

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"Argentina's Oil and Gas Sector: Coordinated Federalism and the Rule of Law"

Hello everybody: I wanted to share my latest paper that I published with the

Woodrow Wilson Center for Scholars on the rule of law in Argentina's oil and gas sector:

"Argentina's Oil and Gas Sector: Coordinated Federalism and the Rule of Law"


I hope you…


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EITI 'supporting states' - support means money, not presumed moral superiority

Yesterday, at the first day of the EITI Board's 2-day meeting in Oslo, there was a stand-out moment. 

It wasn't the worthy discussion of the validation schedule, or the meticulously prepared papers, or the sensible outreach work. It wasn't even the intelligent introduction to the new EITI beta website, which looks set to become a very handy resource for everyone. 

The stand-out moment came while the secretariat…


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Legacy Gold Mining Issues In The Sierra Nevadas and the Sierra Fund

One of the most exciting projects that I’ve been participating as a jeweler is an ongoing collaboration with the The Sierra Fund.  This work came out of a walk in the mountains above my home in Santa Fe, New Mexico (USA) with Kerry Morse, the Communications Director of the Sierra Fund.  She had found me through my Fair Jewelry Action network.  Her question was, would …


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Call for Papers: Symposium on Reframing the Role of Industrial and Construction Minerals in Africa

Despite the importance of industrial and construction minerals for domestic economic development (infrastructure, manufacturing, construction and agriculture to name a few), there is relatively little published literature addressing the potential strategies through which African countries may approach the beneficiation and value addition of these minerals.

In an attempt to fill this knowledge gap, the African Mining Legislation Atlas (AMLA) Project through the collaboration of…


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CSR and petroleum in Russia

Now available in Russian and English

Russian Analytical Digest No. 181: Corporate Social Responsibility

This edition has a special focus on corporate social…


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ACEP launches publication with appeal to civil society, media, & development partners.

From left, Karim, Mahammoud, Linda,  Ian Gary,  Boakye and Seji

The African Center for Energy Policy (ACEP) has launched another publication with a call to civil society, the media, development partners and all stakeholders to do more in advocating for efficient and sustainable utilization of…


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