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IGF releases Mining Policy Framework Assessment: Mongolia

The Government of Mongolia sees its minerals sector as critical to national plans for sustainable development, according to a new IGF Mining Policy Framework (MPF) Assessment.

“Mongolia is in the midst of a fiscal crisis and seeks to expand responsible development of its minerals sector in order to generate much-needed revenues,” said Kristi Disney Bruckner, a member of IGF’s assessment team for Mongolia.

“We were encouraged to see that, despite this…


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IGF publishes its first annual report

The IGF Secretariat is pleased to present our first annual report, which described our objectives and outlines our achievements. The full report can be downloaded here:

Here is a quick overview.

Report from the IGF Secretariat

We have a remarkable opportunity to drive…


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Weekly GOXI: June 26, 2017

A weekly digest of activity on GOXI

Dear GOXIans: Your Weekly GOXI is back!  We sincerely apologize for the unplanned break and, moving on, we will do our best to continue to curate content on GOXI for you…


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Some thoughts about coal, climate and the role of private (financial) sector!

The world’s biggest banks are continuing to fuel climate change through the financing of extreme fossil fuels (Banktrack, 2017). The funding provided by banks for extreme fossil fuels (like tar sands, Arctic and ultra-deep offshore oil), coal mining and coal power remains worrying, despite a steep decline in 2016.


Coal mining: While many U.S. and…


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Chile’s Copper Mines: An Investment Hard-Wired for Climate Resilience?

By Joseph Kirschke

It’s no coincidence that Chile, the planet’s leading copper exporter and home to some of its most intense geographies, is also one of the world’s fastest-growing…


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Inflated Expectations about Mineral Export Misinvoicing are Having Real Consequences in Tanzania

Co-authored with Maya Forstater

At the Buzwagi and Bulyanhulu gold mines in Tanzania, and at the Port of Dar Es Salaam, around a thousand containers of copper-gold concentrate (a processed product between rock and refined metal) are…


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About the critical role of Oil and Gas companies in achieving SDG and Paris

The sustainable development goals (SDGs) and the Paris Agreement lay out a global consensus on the need to curb human-induced climate change and to achieve sustainable development. These concepts are linked. The urgency of addressing climate change is critical for global efforts to reduce poverty and advance sustainable development, but also climate-change mitigation must be pursued in a manner consistent with ending poverty,…


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Mine Community Trusts - who benefits?

The Mining Charter (June 2017) makes reference to the need for mine communities to be awarded shares. Whether or not this version of the charter passes the legal challenges it will no doubt face in coming weeks and months, it cannot be disputed that community development for mine-affected communities, whether through a mechanism of share ownership or not, is vital. However, the proposal that the communities’ share be held in trust, raises concerns. One wonders how this will differ from the…


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Launch of 2017 Resource Governance Index: webcast and London event

NRGI will launch the 2017 Resource Governance Index on Wednesday, 28 June. The index includes new assessments of oil, gas and mining governance in 81 countries. It comprises primary research on value realization and revenue management, and draws on existing research to paint a picture of countries’ enabling environments for governance. The assessments take into account laws and practices concerning licensing, taxation, state-owned enterprises, sovereign wealth funds, subnational revenue…


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New Talks released!


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IGF releases Mining Policy Framework Assessment: Suriname

The Republic of Suriname is actively working to leverage its mining industry to advance sustainable development, according to an assessment published by the Intergovernmental Forum on Mining, Minerals, Metals and Sustainable Development (IGF.)

“We were pleased to see such a strong commitment to advancing positive change among the government officials we met with while in Suriname,” noted team lead Alec Crawford.

“These officials—as well as representatives from civil society and…


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Invitation to Peer Review How-To Guidance Note on Integrating Human Rights into Environmental Governance of Mining

Dear EGMs members,

We invite you to review the first draft of the How-To Guidance Note on Integrating Human Rights into Environmental Governance of Mining.

This How-To Guidance Note has been…


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Need your input - building an ASGM technical solutions bibliography


We are looking for your input! The Artisanal Gold Council (AGC) is constructing a bibliography; your contributions are greatly appreciated and will directly forward the mission of improving the ASGM sector and the livelihoods of the people involved in it.

The AGC is participating in the preparatory phase of the Global Opportunities for Long-term Development of ASGM Sector - the GEF GOLD Programme. This set of projects is aimed at reducing the use of mercury in the…


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A Guide to Navigating Canada’s New Oil, Gas, and Mining Disclosures

This post originally appeared on Extract-A-Fact.

Hundreds of oil, gas and mining companies have now reported their payments to governments, as required by the Canadian Extractive Sector Transparency Measures Act (ESTMA). Citizens now have access to a massive pool of previously hidden payment data that can help fuel their efforts to hold…


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TDM Call for Papers: Special Issue on Judicial Measures and Investment Treaty Law

We are pleased to announce a forthcoming Transnational Dispute Management (TDM, ISSN 1875-4120) special issue on "Judicial Measures and Investment Treaty Law"

Investment treaty claims arising out of judicial conduct-whether based on annulment of a contract for corruption or other irregularity or a fundamental jurisprudential shift-have been on the rise. For example, in…


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OGEL 1 (2017) - Oil and Gas Law and Policy in West Africa

Guest editors Prof. Yinka Omorogbe and Tade Oyewunmi focused their special on Sub-Saharan Africa which has witnessed a surge in oil & gas activity within the past decade, positioning the region as an important contributor in the global energy supply and demand dynamics...

Table of Contents…


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Towards a sustainable development license to operate for the extractive industries: article reference

An interested article appeared in Mineral Economic on captioned title with a lot of useful reference to information resources.


The extractive sector now holds an even more predominant position for national economies following the adoption of the…


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Is Indonesia’s move to “gross-split” the future of oil and gas production sharing arrangements?

Over the last decade, the Government of Indonesia has become increasingly concerned that petroleum companies operating the country’s oil and gas fields have been inflating costs through overspending. In 2016, a report by the Supreme Audit Agency (BPK), revealed that several petroleum companies (“contractors”) had …


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"Public interest" financial modelling – the next step in EITI reconciliations?

Charting out what a project’s revenue should can strengthen the capacity of the government. (Note: coupons to learn Excel as a prerequisite to financial modeling are available from a link at the end of this blog)

When the EITI set out its work ten years ago, the core idea was to reconcile and compare the payments made by companies to governments to each other to see if they added up to the same amount. This can…


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New report on local procurement reporting across the global mining industry

In anticipation of next month’s release of the Local Procurement Reporting Mechanism, Mining Shared Value (MSV), an initiative of Engineers Without Borders Canada, has released the third edition of…


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