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In late 2011, Parliament was called from recess following a petition by the Parliamentary Forum on Oil and Gas working with CSOs. This was at the back drop of the government’s refusal to disclose the oil agreements.  On the floorof parliament,a section of MPs including Hon. Gerald Karuhanga accused cabinet ministers of accepting bribes over oil deals this…


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Women in Mining - Mining Investment North America Toronto June 26/27

Women in Mining at the Mining Investor North American Forum Toronto June 26/27

Astrid Pregel, Principal at Feminomics and Advisory Director at Global Mining Sustainability gave a highly enlightening talk on Women in Mining from her generational global experience. Astrid focused on the results of many studies that show the inclusion of women in decision making offers a dramatic increase in risk mitigation and improved corporate performance.  Ask for a copy of her…


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IFC Discussion Paper: Local Benefit Sharing in Large-Scale Wind and Solar Projects

On the back of my PhD research and with my fantastic team at Synergy Global and amazing colleagues at the IFC, I am happy to share this discussion paper on benefit sharing in the renewables sector. 

While not an extractive industry itself, wind and solar projects are increasingly planned and implemented in proximity or collaboration with extractive operations. 

In South Africa for example, socio economic benefits from renewable energy projects are a key topic of…


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Do you have any suggestions for the development of the Fairmined Standard 3.0? We are currently at the pre-consultation stage. Send us your comments until August 1, 2019 tostandards@responsiblemines.org or by phone to +57 (4) 332 47 11. Tell us what you think it is important to include in the next version.…


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Reflecting on the latest EITI global conference: to build trust, the EITI must keep evolving

The 2019 EITI Global Conference took place last week in Paris under the slogan: “Open Data, Build Trust”. As always, it was a pleasure and an inspiration to come together with hundreds of fellow participants from across the PWYP coalition. On behalf of all the individuals and organisations who power our movement, we called on the EITI to stay ambitious: for greater transparency, for the meaningful engagement of civil society in extractive governance, for transformational  commitments…


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New publication on social benefits and mining in South Africa

I am very excited about my latest publication in The Extractive Industries and Society based on my field research in South Africa. It examines the lessons learned in terms of deriving social benefits from mining through regulation under the Minerals and Petroleum Resources Development Act (MPRDA) in South Africa.

View it here!

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Weekly GOXI, June 17, 2019

A weekly digest of activity on GOXI…


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OGEL Call for Papers: The Regulation of Petroleum Development in Guyana

The Oil, Gas & Energy Law (OGEL, ISSN 1875-418X) journal is preparing a Special issue focusing on the regulation of petroleum development in Guyana.

In particular, we are interested in contributions in the following areas:

  • Contractual arrangements for petroleum development
  • Petroleum fiscal regime
  • Petroleum tax regulation
  • Safety and environmental regulation for…

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Inspire! Marketing Coloured Gemstones Pitch Competition

Do you have an innovative idea to market coloured gemstones? This idea could stimulate domestic markets or access international markets? Then submit your ideas to the Inspire! Marketing Coloured Gemstones Pitch Competition and you could win $10,000 to bring your idea to life!

How does the Inspire! Marketing Coloured Gemstones Pitch Competition…


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Three things to look out for at the 2019 EITI Global Conference

Authored by Mark Robinson

Over the past 12 years, the EITI has grown from an initiative of 12 countries to an established global norm for improving extractives governance worldwide. The 2019 EITI Global Conference’s central theme "Open Data, Build Trust" embodies how we envision this creative international partnership to evolve over the coming decade. Three elements underpin this theme and shape the dynamic and…


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Furthering open government commitments in partnership with OGP

Authored by Mark Robinson and Lyydia Kilpi

Building on our common objectives, the synergy between the EITI and the OGP continues to grow.

The EITI and the Open Government Partnership (OGP) are close cousins. Both initiatives aim to improve governance and build trust by opening up data and creating opportunities for citizen participation.

Thirty of the 52 EITI countries are …


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Weekly GOXI: June 10, 2019

A weekly digest of activity on GOXI…


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How can technology support a human-centered mine of the future?

The contributions from GOXI members on "New Tech, New Deal"have highlighted new technologies’ disruptive effects on the governance of extractives -from employment and local content to fiscal instruments and local economic development. The 4th industrial revolution is fueling the future of mining and challenging traditional paradigms of resource development and local development in ways that can undermine worker and…


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Mapping the Renewable Energy Sector to the Sustainable Development Goals: An Atlas

Given the urgency and scale with which renewables must be deployed to meet the world’s sustainable development and climate goals, it is critical that renewable energy companies understand their potential impacts—both positive and negative—on economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable development.

For that reason,…


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New Payment Data Reveal Practical Challenges in Taxing Mining Companies in Africa: A DRC Case Study

This blog is republished with the authorization of NRGI. The original blog post was published here: https://resourcegovernance.org/blog/payment-data-EITI-DRC-Congo-mining

This is the second part of a two-part series. In this post, I share insights from publically…


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New Tech, New Deal Topic 4: ADDRESSING THE POTENTIAL LOSSES: WHAT COMMUNITY ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT POLICIES CAN MAKE THE GREATEST DIFFERENCE? For instance, should companies increase their community investment activities? Should governments establish development funds for local communities? Should governments and companies negotiate shared infrastructure like roads, water supply, or…


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Mining Local Procurement Reporting Mechanism Now Available in Spanish / El Mecanismo LPRM ahora está disponible en español

We are excited to let everyone know that the Mining Local Procurement Reporting Mechanism (LPRM) is now available in Spanish. Commissioned by GIZ GmbH, the Mining LPRM is a publicly available set of disclosures to help mine sites all provide the same information on their local procurement efforts and results. It is also available in French. 

Below is this short announcement in Spanish and the link to where it can be downloaded. …


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Hi Everyone “New Tech, New Deal seeks expert and community-level input to help generate pragmatic proposals for how mining can make the fullest contribution to sustainable development”.The past weeks…

Hi Everyone

“New Tech, New Deal seeks expert and community-level input to help generate pragmatic proposals for how mining can make the fullest contribution to sustainable development”.

The past weeks conversations have been quite enriching and very informative too. I have read, participated and analysed the discussions with the view to synthesise and summarise the points as discussed.

My focus area is…


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Talking Points on Platinum Symposium


For civil society working to influence policy and practice reforms tailored to strengthen linkages between mining and sustainable development, stakeholder engagement is a critical piece of the jigsaw puzzle. To gain a pulse feel of industry’s thinking concerning current and future of mining, the Zimbabwe Environmental law Association (ZELA) is participating at the Chamber of Mines’s 2019 Annual Mining Conference. Themed “Realizing Vision 2030 Through…


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