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"Women are less paid in the ASM sector"

So said Francis Opoku, of the Ghana National Association of Small Scale Miners (GNASSM) at a thematic dialogue on artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) held in Accra last month.

IIED's work on small and large-scale mining in Ghana, Tanzania and Madagascar supports multi-stakeholder dialogue, promotes local voices and explores innovations that help deliver more inclusive and accountable mining sector.…


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Developing skills for industrialization in Africa’s extractive industries

The discovery and exploitation of oil, gas and mining usually brings in its wake high expectations of employment opportunities for countries where the resource extraction is taking place. However, there is often a mismatch between these expectations and the actual jobs that the oil, gas and mining sectors can offer. In practice, oil and gas, and to a lesser extent, mining projects in Africa often do not generate much employment locally. This is partly as a result of the capital intensive…


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What digital solutions for resource governance are out there? - GIZ request for information

Can blockchain, bid data, aerial intelligence and other new technologies help govern mining sectors better?

GIZ is venturing into the field of digitalization for resource governance. To best design future programs we need your help in discussing these questions:

  • Who is working on this already? Any start-up, NGOs, mining corporations or governments out there developing digital solutions to challenges pertinent to resource…

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Partnerships and Agreements in the Mining Sector: Converging Opposing Sides

My article below originally appeared on Mediators Beyond Borders International's website, and is the first in a six-part writers series on Collaboration.

What would mining look like if, instead of constant conflict with external parties – brought about by adversarial decision-making – decisions were based on collaboration? I have seen both ways of…


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Publication - The Rise in Conflict Associated with Mining Operations: What Lies Beneath?

We have recently published an extensive, stakeholder-reviewed study on mining-related conflict and governance. This study is comprised of an academic literature review, database analysis and four case studies carried out in Bolivia,…


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Indigenous peoples and the extractive industries: evaluating ethical standards

International standards have evolved since the 1960s to protect the rights of indigenous peoples facing major energy and mining activities on their lands.  Businesses and investors are increasingly aware of the risks of failing to respect indigenous rights.  In a recent example, when the city of Seattle ended its contract with Wells Fargo in February 2017 in…


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Extractive Industry, Policy Innovations and Civil Society Movement in Southeast Asia: An Introduction

Good governance in extractive industries (EI) and natural resources has played an important role in development, particularly for economic and social welfare. A lack of good governance can potentially lead to asymmetric information, high economic costs, and corruption. It also has critical impact on environmental damage, social conflict, and can even potentially fuel human right violations. This is particularly true in the case of EI, which mostly deals with un-renewable resources that are…


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Chronicle of an irreversible change Togo, the miracle takes place with ITIE

Chronicle of an irreversible change

Togo, the miracle takes place with ITIE

It is irreversible marches, not because they necessarily take place in the logic proper to the context, even if there is obviously no indication that it is better, but sometimes, in difficult situations, the creative genius of man takes into account the need for change.


Thus, Togo gradually begins the path of reforms, reforms insofar as they remain a expressed need. For some, they would…


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Accounting for the Resource Curse

Last year, we sent a detailed note to the IMF & others arguing that the way governments account for mineral receipts is facilitating the resource curse. Quite simply, it is treated as revenue, instead of being a capital receipt on the sale of an asset. We argued that this is exacerbated by the…


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LONG READ: The golden practices that defy gloom

From pollution and exploitation to spoiled landscapes, artisanal and small-scale mining ASM in Ghana is mostly known for its faults. But against this backdrop of neglect and degradation, pockets of responsible practice, from land restoration to sustainable water management, quietly exist.

Ghana's ASM sector accounts for 35 per cent of the country's gold production. ASM mining employs an estimated one million people, and supports approximately 4.5 million more in the West…


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Weekly GOXI: September 11, 2017

A weekly digest of activity on GOXI

The big news this week is the GOXI Innovation Series. This 7-month program will cover social and environmental conflict prevention topics as…


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Time for London’s Alternative Investment Market to embrace extractives transparency

The London Stock Exchange’s (LSE) Alternative Investment Market (AIM) was launched in 1995 for smaller and growing international companies looking to raise capital for expansion. AIM describes itself as “the most successful growth market in the world”. The UK government has sung…


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Launch of new report by PWYP Australia 'Abundant Resources, Absent Data: Measuring the Openness of Australian Mining, Oil and Gas Companies on the African Continent'


PWYP Australia is launching it's new report ‘Abundant Resources, Absent Data: Measuring the Openness of Australian Listed Mining, Oil and Gas Companies on the African Continent.’ 

Australian companies have a long history in extractives,…


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