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Weekly GOXI: February 19, 2017

A weekly digest of activity on GOXI …


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Environmental Monitoring, Part II: Can participatory environmental monitoring committees empower citizens to shape decision-making?


Two NBSAP Forum & GOXI  webinars - Environmental Monitoring, Part II: Can participatory environmental monitoring committees empower citizens to…


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Monitoreo ambiental, parte II: ¿Pueden los comités de monitoreo ambiental participativo empoderar a los ciudadanos para dar forma a la toma de decisiones?

Los dos webinar organizados por el Foro NBSAPGOXI, sobre el monitoreo ambiental parte II: ¿Pueden los comités de monitoreo ambiental participativo…


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This March: UN Environment launches online course on environmental security and sustaining peace

 By Jasmin Blessing and Sarah Daitch

UN Environment has teamed up with the Environmental Law Institute, the Earth Institute at Columbia University, Duke University, and the University of California at Irvine and…


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Total Becomes First Major Oil Company to Support Contract Transparency

French oil giant Total is the latest company to make a policy statement in support of contract transparency in the extractive industries. This is the first policy statement of its kind by one of the so-called “supermajors”—the world’s largest publicly traded oil and gas companies.

Oil, gas and mining contracts agreed between companies and…


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Analysis of the 2018 monetary policy statement: a focus on mineral export incentives

  • RBZ’s export incentives from 05 May 2016 to 31 December 2017 sterilised mineral royalty revenue by a discounting factor of nearly 86%. This obviously hurts the government’s desire to create fiscal space, when revenue generation is constricted my toxic incentives

Themed “Enhancing financial stabilisation to promote business confidence” is the 2018 monetary policy…


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A NGO’s View of the ESDM Performance

By Ian Wollff*

The article is originally featured in the Coal Asia Magazine, January 25 – February 25, 2018


Many mining industry related seminars and publications provide the miners outlook on the Indonesian exploration and mining sector. Newspapers and mass media sometimes follow some popular trend, often just to boost their own ratings. A recent NGO seminar provided…


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Join us in our next GOXI Learning Series Webinar: February 21 and 22, 2018

This February, we are focusing on the role of government in preventing the escalation of conflict in the mining, oil and gas sectors. Read more below. You just need to …

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Congo seeks more from her minerals; companies up in arms


For so many years, the people of the mineral endowed Republic of Congo have demanded reforms in the country’s mining code. Similar to existent laws in a number of mineral rich countries in Africa, the 2002 Congo code offered laxities for purposes of attracting investors at a time when the country was faced with high levels of insecurity.

A decade and six years down the road, the…


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Developing Mining Supply Chains: Making strategic use of local content policies

Guest blog for the IGF by Kojo Busia and Isabelle Ramdoo, African Minerals Development Centre

Governments are facing mounting pressures from their constituencies to leverage the mining sector for broader diversification. The lack of strong and competitive mining supply chains is probably one of the main weaknesses of resource-rich developing countries. Effective local content policies are part of the…


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Afghan knots in green villages

By Pablo Valverde

First impressions from an assessment of Afghanistan progress against the EITI Standard

Legend says that sometime around 2000 BC, an oracle decreed that the next man to enter the city of Telmissus would become king of the Phrygians. Gordias, a farmer riding on an ox-cart, drove into the city and was summarily made king. Decades later, his son, the famous King Midas, commemorated this event by tying the cart to a pole in…


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Reports, recommendations, reforms: How the EITI is improving PNG’s natural resource management

By Lucas Alkan, National Coordinator, PNG EITI

Before Papua New Guinea signed up to implement the EITI Standard in 2013, there was no framework in place for disclosure of revenue streams from the country’s mining and petroleum sector. Nor was information on how much proceeds end up in the government budget or spending for socio-economic development readily available.

Since 2013, government support for extractive sector transparency, both in terms of policy…


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Indonesia's Watchdog Warns the Gov of Indonesia of the Rise of Coal Price

Publish What You Pay (PWYP) Indonesia asks The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources to be cautious of the rise of coal prices in 2018 which is believed to keep soaring. This rise will lead to massive coal exploitation, while the government supervision and company compliance in some regions is still poor and need to be improved.

PWYP Indonesia’s mining governance researcher, Rizky Ananda stated that the industries will use the momentum of price increase to boost production. It’s…


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Local Content on the Agenda at Mining Indaba in Cape Town

Hello friends,

As part of our work with the World Bank's Extractives-led Local Economic Diversification Community of Practice (ELLED CoP), we have put together this handy schedule of events during this week's big Investing in African Mining Indaba in Cape Town, that touch on local content and other themes of ELLED.

For the full Indaba agenda, see here: …


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Interview with Bolormaa Purevjav: How is Participatory Environmental Monitoring Organized in Mongolia?

Interview by Jasmin Blessing and Sarah Daitch


Bolormaa Purevjav is Chair for the Stakeholder’s Engagement for Sustainable Development (SESD) in…


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How “Premature Funds” Can Leave Countries Poorer

by Andrew Bauer and David Mihalyi (Natural Resource Governance Institute)

Countries rich in oil and minerals commonly use sovereign wealth funds (SWFs) to store a share of their natural resource wealth. Examples include Chile, Kuwait, Norway, Texas (U.S.), Timor-Leste, and more than 50 other countries. These funds have been used to decrease budget volatility, save for future generations, or earmark financial earnings for education or infrastructure…


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Financial Modeling of Mining Projects: A Tool for Optimizing the Financial Benefits of the Mining Sector

The financial model of a project is one of the most important documents a mining company will submit as part of a package of documents to get a mining license in most mineral-rich countries. However, this valuable tool seems to be underused by developing country administrations in their interaction with mining companies throughout the life cycle of mines.

What is a financial model of a mining project?

Every industrial mining project has its financial model. It is…


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Extractives Sector Corruption: What we have learned

Cari Votava is a Senior Financial Sector…


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The World Bank @ Mining Indaba 2018


The World Bank at Mining Indaba 2018

Monday, 5 February

Report Launch: Social Progress in Mining-Dependent…


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