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Engaging with society – ICMM releases Annual Review 2014

The International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM) has released its Annual Review 2014 - Engaging with society.

The theme of this year’s review picks up from the previous annual review’s focus on strengthening relationships with communities. It examines the progress we are making on building this strategic priority into our work programs and other activities.

"ICMM has been instrumental in supporting…


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Call for Researchers and Peer Reviewers for the Resource Governance Index 2016

Are you a skilled researcher with strong knowledge of the extractive industries? The Natural Resource Governance Institute is retaining consultants to support the data gathering process for the Resource Governance Index 2016. We are especially looking for locally-based consultants from the 79 countries that the Index will cover in its next iteration.

Learn more:…


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EITI week in the Congos - High activity around Board meeting in Kinshasa and Brazzaville in mid-April

EITI week in the Congos


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Natural resources and public investment

Here you will find a short note (in Spanish) I wrote about the relation between natural resources and public investment: http://invepub.com/2015/01/06/recursos-naturales-e-inversion-publica/

In the coming days I will post an article on the policy opportunities and threats posed by the oil price plunge.

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Public modeling can drive "keyhole surgery transparency"

Open financial models can clearly put analysis into a genuinely independent public space, and also trigger a rise in public understanding which could enrich the governance debate in many countries.

But there is a third function public…


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Put Small Scale Mining in 2016 Manifesto’s Ghana's Political Parties told.

 The Artisanal and Small Scale Mining (ASM) Africa-Network (ASMAN) has called on political parties in the country particularly the two major political parties (National Democratic Congress & the New Patriotic Party) to make the development and growth of the Small Scale Mining Sector an issue of priority in their Manifesto’s in the upcoming 2016 general elections.…


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New International Guideline on Social Impact Assessment

A new guideline on social impact assessment is now available from the International Association for Impact Assessment. The guidance is the culmination of a number of years of work led by Prof Frank Vanclay. 
You can access the guideline here:
Please feel free…

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The Mining Industry’s surprising turn to Solar and Wind Energy

By Joseph Kirschke | (Informed Comment)

When mining professionals the world over descended on Toronto’s 2015 Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada Convention (PDAC) at the beginning of March, the investment outlook at one of the industry’s most important events was dim . A global economic slowdown and a glut of metals and minerals for construction, infrastructure and energy on the Chinese mainland also cast a long shadow over budgets for sustainability – an increasingly…


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Intergovernmental Forum on Mining, Minerals, Metals and Sustainable Development (IGF), March 2015 Newsletter


IGF NEWSLETTER                                                                                              MARCH 2015


Dear Friends and Members of the IGF:


The Secretariat is pleased to present you with the latest monthly…


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Are Ghanaian Journalists failing the fight?

By Seibik Bugri, Accra  

Stakeholders with keen interest in the governance of extractive industries and how resources therein are used have bemoaned the seeming lackadaisical attitude of Ghanaian Journalists towards the sector and pressed home the urgent need for them to double their efforts in throwing more light on to the sector.

Members of the Institute of Financial and Economic Journalist (IFEJ) and other extractive reporters do not…


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Public Interest Modeling: the entry point to transparency work, not its grand finale

Models are powerful tools. So powerful in fact that the discussion of whether they should be unleashed into the public space has sometimes been accompanied by a discussion of the “dangers” of doing so – reminiscent of the first debates around the idea of transparency itself.

General thinking has been that models are a stage to aspire to, to work up towards - perhaps because they involve a degree of technical complexity, and because they have…


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New paper: How the EITI can be a tool for improving transparency in the oil trading business.

The paper provides an overview of EITI reporting by state-owned, National Oil Companies (NOC) and oil traders.

Link: https://eiti.org/document/eiti-brief-nocs-and-sale-government-oil

The brief sets out the importance of transparency and accountability in the “first trade” i.e. the sale of oil by NOC to oil trading companies. In many resource-rich countries, the largest revenue…


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Public Interest Modeling: don't let the perfect the enemy of the good!

I opened this series by saying that public interest models of extractive industry projects did not serve only the purposes financial models have been used for to date but had, in addition to their analytical function, the three other main functions of pedagogy, advocacy and strengthening government support.

In this post I will focus on how public interest models – published on the Internet and relying on public domain data – measure up purely in the…


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Scratching where it itches

Scratching where it itches


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Seven things to consider when managing non-renewable natural resources

Written by Degol Hailu, Senior Advisor, Sustainable Development, UNDP.

Natural resource wealth offers enormous potential for achieving development goals. But without effective management, the wealth can be squandered.

UNDP works with governments,…


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The communications opportunity of falling commodity prices

Falling commodity prices will certainly produce winners and losers. The trick will be to spot the opportunities and seize them.

To my mind, falling prices offer an excellent opportunity for governments to reframe expectations around natural resource discoveries. These discoveries often trigger unrealistic expectations, which can rapidly generate political or social problems. When people expect to get rich quick but don't, then either they are disappointed or they search for antisocial…


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The four functions of public interest financial models

We, and others, have made the case before that open financial models is the natural next stage of extractives governance. First, because you don't know what you've got til its modeled, and secondly, the models themselves must be open to allow the cumulative learning that is…


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Are You for Big Data or Big Oil?

What most profoundly distinguishes American Petroleum Institute (API) from civil society organizations in resource-rich countries working to make a more transparent and accountable extractives sector?

(Hint: the answer we’re looking for is not “the ability to pay for an army of high-priced lawyers” – although that works too.)

Put bluntly, one sees the tragic human consequences of mismanaged natural resource wealth up-close, every day,…


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Does fracking make the water catch fire?

Is Gasland right --- does fracking lead to gas in the water, explosions and fires?

There is a new video by EI Academy that takes a look at the truth, the risks and the precautions. It's also available at


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The EITI not a seal of approval, but sign of change

The EITI not a seal of approval, but sign of change


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