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Healing the Legacy of the California Gold Rush

The Sierra Fund Bi-Annual Conference:   Gold That Regenerates Ecology and Community

The Sierra Fund, a small environmental NGO, has been at the forefront protecting and preserving the Sierra Nevadas. Part of their mission has been focusing on addressing the legacy of the California gold rush.

Twenty-six million pounds of mercury were brought to the Sierra during the CA Gold rush to…


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ELL Blog Series: The Effect of Ebola on Education in Kono

Estelle Levin Limited (ELL) has launched a blog series called ‘Living in the Shadows Ebola’, that ELL associate Babar Turay will be writing on the effects of ebola on Sierra Leone, and in particular its diamond mining district of Kono. This blog is the first in the series. The original blog post can be found…


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Listen and learn: lessons from the small-scale mining sector

Not enough has been heard from local voices in the mining sector over the last 10 years. In the next year, this needs to change.

Miners pushing a cart out of a mine near the Bolivian town of Potosi. For centuries this area had the richest silver mines in South America. Today many of the mines are worked by local cooperatives, but conditions are still harsh (Photo Nyall & Maryanne, Creative Commons via Flickr) Miners pushing a cart out of a mine near the…


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Increasing Sustainable Energy Access For African Nations

Meeting the regional energy demands has been a tough feat for many African countries. Since energy is crucial for achieving growth and development, most of the region’s economic issues are dependent on energy. From poverty reduction, food security, increased access to sanitation and safe drinking water, to health promotion and disease prevention, energy is essential. Many rural areas in Africa do not have adequate…


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Financial Support in the Offing for Small Scale Miners? Karl-Reiner Riedlinger of Lombardium assures them.

From Left, Anthony Samani, Adjetey-Kofi Mensah, seibik Bugri, Solomon Bonsu,

Karl-Reiner Riedlinger, Ascan Lutterodt and Robert Atsrim.

The fears of small scale miners and artisans that…


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FSU oil producers face tough 2015

FSU oil producers face tough 2015

The Economist Intelligence Unit, January 21, 2015

We have sharply revised down our oil price forecast for 2015 to US$54/barrel, from US$80/b previously, and US$98.4/b in 2014. This reflects dramatic shifts in the…


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African miners feeling the squeeze

African miners feeling the squeeze

Against a background of crashing commodity prices, mining in Africa is facing increasing pressure as governments and investors struggle over distribution of the mineral wealth lying under much of the…


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Mongolia’s new government challenged by a vulnerable economy

Mongolia’s new government challenged by a vulnerable economy

High dependency on mineral exports means the country is hurt by lower commodity prices.…


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Madagascar EITI points to lost revenues due to mineral smuggling

Madagascar EITI points to lost revenues due to mineral smuggling

New extractive activities contribute to Malagasy economy, yet millions worth of gold are exported illegally every year.…

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Australian Mining Experts Visit ASMAN.

From left back row:Robin Evans, Nii Adjetey-Kofi Mensah, middle row: Seibik bugri, Yirenkye-Antwi, Front: Kwaku Treveh, Dr Gondwe and Godwin Amarh. 

Leading Small Scale Miners have called on government and other stakeholders to put in place…


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Kenya Launches Online Mining Cadastre System

The Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya, His Excellency William Ruto, formally launched Kenya’s new online mining cadastre portal on 6th Friday 2015.

At a gala function held on the grounds of the Ministry of Mining in Nairobi, H.E. Ruto praised the new Ministry for taking the initiative in launching this new e-Government platform for effective management of Kenya’s mineral resources.

“Today we celebrate a massive reduction in bureaucracy in the Ministry of…


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Guidance for Governments on Managing Artisanal and Small-scale Mining (ASM)

In order to expand on the direction provided by the IGF’s Mining Policy Framework (MPF), IGF members have identified the need for more concrete guidance on managing key issues…


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Equatorial Guinea and EITI candidacy, slow but steady progress?

Far from the buoyant football stadiums hosting the Africa Cup of Nations, civil society groups gathered in Equatorial Guinea’s main cities, Malabo and Bata, to elect their representatives to the local EITI decision making body. PWYP was present during those unprecedented elections and reports back.

The morning was long – and sweaty. The civil society activists that gathered that Saturday to elect their representatives had the privilege of being hosted by the Delegation of the Ministry…


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Call for papers: OGEL special issue on International Taxation in the Energy Sector

Oil, Gas and Energy Law Intelligence (www.ogel.org) invites submissions for a special issue on "International Taxation in the Energy Sector". The guest editor for this special issue will be Dr. Knut Olsen of Dr. K. Olsen Global Tax Consultants.

It is ten years since the last special OGEL issue on taxation was published. Since then, there…


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Jumping in the deep end

Jumping in the deep end
What the conflict around the Letpadaungtaung mine taught me about the EITI’s core mission.…

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Ten consequences of low commodity prices for resource-rich countries

Dear Goxians,

Please find linked below a Financial Times Beyond BRICs blog post written by NRGI authors. It outlines ten consequences for resource-rich countries of the current weakness in commodity prices. Please feel free to share with your networks and on social media, comment on the FT or GOXI site, and get in touch with Thomas Lassourd (tlassourd@resourcegovernance.org) or David Manley (…


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Reminder: March 2015 Course on Managing Impacts, Johannesburg

Register Now for Training on Managing Community Impacts

 GOXI event link: http://goxi.org/events/certificate-programme-in-community-relations-practice-in-the-5

If you're dealing with issues such as...

  • Resettlement
  • Artisanal and small-scale mining
  • Land acquisition
  • Local employment and…

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"After Us, the Deluge": Oil Windfalls, State Elites and the Elusive Quest for Economic Diversification in Azerbaijan

Despite the officially stated goal of economic diversification and the billions of petrodollars in government expenditure, Azerbaijan has made slow progress achieving non-oil growth and remains heavily dependent on oil revenues. Why have Azerbaijan’s efforts to reduce dependence on energy export revenue not borne fruit? Two factors seem crucial. First, various public investment projects, mostly on infrastructure, implemented under the banner of diversification were actually exploited…


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