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Scratching where it itches

Scratching where it itches


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Seven things to consider when managing non-renewable natural resources

Written by Degol Hailu, Senior Advisor, Sustainable Development, UNDP.

Natural resource wealth offers enormous potential for achieving development goals. But without effective management, the wealth can be squandered.

UNDP works with governments,…


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The communications opportunity of falling commodity prices

Falling commodity prices will certainly produce winners and losers. The trick will be to spot the opportunities and seize them.

To my mind, falling prices offer an excellent opportunity for governments to reframe expectations around natural resource discoveries. These discoveries often trigger unrealistic expectations, which can rapidly generate political or social problems. When people expect to get rich quick but don't, then either they are disappointed or they search for antisocial…


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The four functions of public interest financial models

We, and others, have made the case before that open financial models is the natural next stage of extractives governance. First, because you don't know what you've got til its modeled, and secondly, the models themselves must be open to allow the cumulative learning that is…


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Are You for Big Data or Big Oil?

What most profoundly distinguishes American Petroleum Institute (API) from civil society organizations in resource-rich countries working to make a more transparent and accountable extractives sector?

(Hint: the answer we’re looking for is not “the ability to pay for an army of high-priced lawyers” – although that works too.)

Put bluntly, one sees the tragic human consequences of mismanaged natural resource wealth up-close, every day,…


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Does fracking make the water catch fire?

Is Gasland right --- does fracking lead to gas in the water, explosions and fires?

There is a new video by EI Academy that takes a look at the truth, the risks and the precautions. It's also available at


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The EITI not a seal of approval, but sign of change

The EITI not a seal of approval, but sign of change


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Can the IMF's New Fiscal Transparency Code Help to Realize Contract Transparency in the DRC?

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is in the midst of finalizing the fourth pillar of its new Fiscal Transparency Code (FTC) and  public consultation on the draft has just drawn to a close. The pillar focuses entirely on resource revenue transparency for resource-rich countries, in recognition of the importance of the role that transparency plays in effectively harnessing these resources for development.

With the new FTC the IMF has shifted focus to…


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From Theory to Practice: New Tools for Stakeholder Engagement in Peru’s Mining Sector

One of the big questions discussed this year at the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) 2015 Convention, the biggest annual gathering of mining professional from all over the world, in Toronto last week was how to create better systems for stakeholder engagement at a time of plummeting commodity prices and rising social demand from…


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TDM Call for papers: Special Issue on Latin America

Given the many cases related to natural resources in Latin America GOXI members are invited to contribute to our TDM Special on Latin America.

Call for papers

Since the beginning of the 21st century, Latin America has sought the proper response to international disputes. That effort has been complicated by the opportunities and realities of globalization and its relation to its effects on local economies and government policy. While new export markets have…


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Malawian Voices, Malawi’s Natural Resources Extractive Industries (EI) Listening Exercise

This report brings together the insights from my in-country research into Malawi's extractive industries conducted last Autumn over a five week period spanning much of September and October.

The full report is available here.

As such, the document forms part of the suite of Malawian extractives documents available via the …


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Report Shows Global Mining Industry Reporting more on Local Procurement as CSR Issue

The Mining Shared Value venture of Engineers Without Borders Canada is excited to present Local Procurement and Public Reporting Trends across the Global Mining Industry: An Analysis of Company Reporting, 2012-2013. The report provides an overview of the global mining industry’s prioritization of local procurement. It does so by measuring the degree to which the largest 40 mining companies publicly report on local procurement in their corporate responsibility or annual…


Added by Jeff Geipel on March 11, 2015 at 20:23 — 2 Comments

Banks Stop Financing Environmentally Destructive Mining

The New York Times has an important article on a new front in mining, environmental protection and social license.

Due to social pressure and fear of damage to reputation, top banks are refusing to finance mountaintop removal as a cost-efficient way of coal mining in the United States.This seems to be a much more effective way of stopping a project than pressure on universities and investment banks to divest company shares.

Banks can lend the money elsewhere; such financing is…


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The Banana Republic of New Mexico

(Author's Note:  This is an editorial I wrote that was just published in The Santa Fe New Mexican, my local newspaper)

Right now, in the our current legislative session, Big Oil lobbyists are attempting to pass legislation that would prevent counties and towns from having any say about drilling or mining.  This power grab should concern every citizen in every New Mexico (NM) county, regardless of political affiliation. 

Under the proposed bills,  thousands of…


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Afghanistan's Emerging Mining Oligarchy.


  • Afghanistan is rich in mineral resources, the value of which has been estimated at between $1 trillion and $3 trillion.
  • The country may, however, be following a paradox of plenty path in tendering its mining sec­tor to private investors. The risk is not insignificant.
  • An unfortunate legacy of decades of internal conflict is the entrenchment and perpetuation of powerful political elites both in Kabul and in the provinces, which…

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New Technology and Corporate Social Responsibility in Canadian Mining

Canada’s recent reforms in CSR regulations are not only a headliner, but also a practical challenge in terms of effective scalable stakeholder engagement. Over 50% of the world’s publicly traded mining companies are headquartered in Canada, and operate in over one hundred countries and thousands of localities. Costing billions, traditional approaches that have not achieved better Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) results will not suffice at greater scale. Businesses, however,…


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Publish What You Pay - Call for Board Members

As part of the registration of PWYP as a UK charity, Publish What You Pay seeks board members for the founding Board of Trustees, a new governance body. The Board of Trustees will consist of a minimum of five and a maximum of seven members with a mixture of both internal as well as external stakeholders. The working languages will be French and English.

Roles and…


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Appel pour Membres du Conseil d'Administration de Publiez Ce Que Vous Payez

En tant que partie intégrante de l'immatriculation de PCQVP comme organisation caritative britannique, Publiez Ce Que Vous Payez cherche des membres pour siéger au conseil afin de procéder à la fondation du conseil d'administration, un nouvel organe de gouvernance. Le conseil d'administration sera composé d'un minimum de cinq et un maximum de sept membres avec un mélange entre des…


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Total's affiliate list sadly sheds little light on what really matters...

Total today announced it has published what looks like a relatively comprehensive list of its affiliate structures around the world. Some 902 affiliates incorporated in 99 jurisdictions and operating in 117 jurisdictions around the world.

It is interesting reading, if you are an open data geek. Some company structures definitely…


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