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Keep your eye on the goal

Mahmood Anwari, Afghanistan’s National Coordinator, on why he is committed to the EITI’s potential.…


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Ghanaian Small-Scale Miners up in Arms against Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

G. Armaah, Gen. Secretary with Mic, his right, Collins Kusi President and Emma Yirenkye Exec. Dir.  

The Ghana National Association of Small Scale Miners (GNASSM) is up in arms against the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) over news fees and charges levied against the miners and are…


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ACEP enhances accountability with a www.ouroilmoney.org site launch


From R-L, The reps from GNPC,  NaNa Aba BoG, Owuso Addo PIAC, Min. of Fin rep, and Dr. Adam ACEP .

Key stakeholders in Ghana’s oil and gas sector say their actions and inaction in the sector has profound consequences on the people of Ghana that they are…


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Country Manager, Democratic Republic of Congo, NRGI

 Country Manager, Democratic Republic of Congo, NRGI

The Natural Resource Governance Institute (NRGI),…


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EITI week in the Congos - High activity around Board meeting in Kinshasa and Brazzaville in mid-April

EITI week in the Congos


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Are Ghanaian Journalists failing the fight?

By Seibik Bugri, Accra  

Stakeholders with keen interest in the governance of extractive industries and how resources therein are used have bemoaned the seeming lackadaisical attitude of Ghanaian Journalists towards the sector and pressed home the urgent need for them to double their efforts in throwing more light on to the sector.

Members of the Institute of Financial and Economic Journalist (IFEJ) and other extractive reporters do not…


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Liberia Extractive Media Watch formed

The Extractive Media Watch (EMW) has been officially registered as a not-for-profit organization under the laws of Liberia.The organization was conceived in 2013 after a group of Liberian journalists attended a week-long intensive training on the covering the oil and gas sector.

The week-long training was provided by the International Institute for Information and Communication Technologies Journalism also known as…


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Increasing Sustainable Energy Access For African Nations

Meeting the regional energy demands has been a tough feat for many African countries. Since energy is crucial for achieving growth and development, most of the region’s economic issues are dependent on energy. From poverty reduction, food security, increased access to sanitation and safe drinking water, to health promotion and disease prevention, energy is essential. Many rural areas in Africa do not have adequate…


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Financial Support in the Offing for Small Scale Miners? Karl-Reiner Riedlinger of Lombardium assures them.

From Left, Anthony Samani, Adjetey-Kofi Mensah, seibik Bugri, Solomon Bonsu,

Karl-Reiner Riedlinger, Ascan Lutterodt and Robert Atsrim.

The fears of small scale miners and artisans that…


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Australian Mining Experts Visit ASMAN.

From left back row:Robin Evans, Nii Adjetey-Kofi Mensah, middle row: Seibik bugri, Yirenkye-Antwi, Front: Kwaku Treveh, Dr Gondwe and Godwin Amarh. 

Leading Small Scale Miners have called on government and other stakeholders to put in place…


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Republic of the Congo’s parliament using EITI Reports to approve state budget

Republic of the Congo’s parliament using EITI Reports to approve state budget

Oversight over government and state-owned enterprise is tightening.

Oil continues to dominate the…


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Increasing Transparency In The Extractive Industry: The Canadian Approach

 By Darrell W Podowski and Jennifer L Poirier, Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP

In keeping with the recent global trend of combating corporate misconduct and corrupt practices, and as part of a commitment to increase transparency in the extractive industry, in October 2014, the government of Canada tabled the Extractive Sector Transparency Measures Act (Act). The Act mandates the disclosure of payments that companies in the…


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Throwing Oil blocks Away? Ghana's Minister stand Accused.

The point of corruption in Ghana’s oil and gas industry is reaching a crescendo with the approval of new Petroleum contract to foreign companies by Ghana’s Minister of Energy under very strange circumstances. Most of them from neighboring Nigeria without the requisite experience or…


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Ghana: World Bank Helps Build Public Oversight of Oil and Gas

The World Bank Board of Executive Directors has approved additional financing of US$19.80 million to support the development of Ghana s rich oil and gas reserves. This brings the total support to US$ 57.80 million.  The objectives of the project are first, to help improve public management and regulatory capacity and enhance sector transparency by strengthening the institutions managing and monitoring the sector; and second, support the development of…


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Of Good Governance and Extractive Resources


International opinion no longer differ on the centrality of good governance to the attainment of sustainable development.  And has in recent times come to be the common donor requirement for the release of both bilateral and multilateral aid to Third World countries although defined diversely among different observers and actors concerned with development. Before going into details, it may be useful to attempt…


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NNRC Position Paper on CBN’S Allegation Against the NNPC



The Nigerian Natural Resource Charter convened a Roundtable Discussion in Lagos on the 13th of March 2014, to examine the allegations by the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) on discrepancies between the receipts of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and the corresponding…


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Are We Beginning to See the Light? Lou Reed and Supply Chain Responsibility

(Reposting here this blog that appeared on CSRWire (http://www.csrwire.com/blog/posts/1163-are-we-beginning-to-see-the-light-lou-reed-and-supply-chain-responsibility).  Because of the relevance to issues of interest to GOXIans and the mining-related examples I use, thought I would post here as well). 


As 2013 ends, the inevitable review of important…


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Putting Contract Transparency to Work - Results from Francophone Africa

Just posted over at revenuewatch.org: a blog on the results of innovative project monitoring work being carried out by civil society organizations in Burkina Faso, Cameroon, DRC, Guinea and Niger. Important mineral contracts are publicly available in these countries, and CSOs are using them as tools to track how governments and companies are complying with their legal obligations, and to propose new approaches for enhancing the positive impact of these projects.

Check it out…


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Ideas for development through Business and Investment

Every business institution and businessman can play a great positive role to develop a country. Many business institutions and businessmen have been working to develop their countries for a…


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New Paper on NOCs in New Oil Hotspots

Patrick Heller and I have just published a paper on strategies for managing National Oil Companies in new oil-producing countries and hotspots for oil exploration. It challenges some generally accepted governance advice for low capacity emerging producers.


These governments face daunting challenges: Which body do they make responsible for licensing, regulation and monitoring: the National Oil Company, a ministry or a separate regulatory agency? Traditional analysis has often…


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