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IGF Guidance on Local Content Policies for the mining sector released!

We are pleased to announce the release of IGF Guidance on Local Content Policies for the mining sector! 

The document sets out a step-by-step approach to help the decision-making process regarding the design of local content policies to encourage:

(i) Local procurement of goods and services

(ii) Direct employment of locals or disadvantaged persons

(iii) Downstream linkages (i.e., processing of extracted…


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New paper out: Local content, trade and investment: Is there policy space left for linkages development in resource-rich countries?

The full paper is available at www.ecdpm.org/dp205 ;


Local content policies (LCPs) seek to promote the supply of domestically produced goods and services and the employment of the local workforce. They generally require that a producer sources part of its inputs or labour force from the domestic economy. In the extractive sector, it may also require that companies conduct certain activities, such as technology transfer or…


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Latest blog fresh from Mining Indaba 2016: Thinking beyond the resource boom: African countries must avoid procrastination

The resource sector has entered into a new phase. Prolonged downswings in commodity prices, fuelled by (i) the double effect of slower demand from emerging markets like China and excess supply resulting from massive investments during boom years; (ii) the difficulty of developed markets to regain momentum and (iii) the tightening of financial markets are all threatening to turn what was not so long ago seen as tailwinds into headwinds, with even stronger swirls…


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New Paper:Synergising and optimising mineral infrastructure in regional development strategies

We are pleased to share our latest publication, done with the E15 Initiative on mineral infrastructure and regional development. It is available here http://ecdpm.org/wp-content/uploads/Synergising-Optimising-Mineral-Infrastructure-E15-Ramdoo-October-2015-ECDPM.pdf 

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Unpacking local content requirements in the extractive sector

Developing countries are placing an increasing emphasis on the need to derive more benefits from their resource wealth. To do so, a series of reforms have been undertaken to capture more gains from extractive resources. These include, among others, industrial policies to foster better sourcing of local content and job creation, fiscal reforms, and more collaborative partnerships with the extractive industry.

Based on experts discussions within the context of the E15…


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New research out: Resource-based industrialization in Africa: Optimising linkages and value chains

Industrialisation is key to Africa’s economic transformation. The key question therefore is not whether countries should conduct industrial policies but rather how to implement policies in an efficient and pragmatic way. Successful resource-based industrialisation depends on how countries and regions optimise different forms of linkages within and outside the extractive sector. Private-led initiatives and collaborative partnerships are essential.

Our latest research addresses the key…


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Our latest Edition on GREAT Insights: Special edition on Extractive Industries

We are please to announce the publication of the summer edition (July/Aug) of our GREAT Insights magazine, with a special focus on the extractive sector. This special edition presents different perspectives from African countries and regions, with 3 key features, namely an exclusive interview from African Union Commissioner for Trade and Industry, H.E Hon. F. H Acyl, an article from Dr . Carlos Lopes Executive Secretary of UN Economic Commission for Africa and an interview from Hon.…

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Extractive Resources for Development: Trade, Fiscal and Industrial Considerations

To be truly transformative, opportunities from the high growth rates have to be translated into employment creation, improved productivity and industrialization. For Africa, the capacity to mobilise domestic revenue and to stimulate industrial development from extractive resources is viewed as essential to economic priorities. Domestic industries should be linked to regional and global value chains. The most effective approach is to combine industrial strengths, deepen…


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Direct cash transfers to avoid the resource curse: pouring money over poor people will not fix politics

Direct cash transfers to avoid the resource curse: pouring money over poor people will not fix politics

The second-round resource boom in Africa should not be a missed opportunity. This time it must trickle down to lift people out of poverty. So far, all agree that this is the case. The rhetoric about how to make it work is now well echoed in all spheres of policy, including outside Africa. Direct cash transfers could be an option, provided resource-rich countries get to…


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Africa's industrialisation is not a choice, it is an imperative!

The 6th Joint UN ECA and AUC meeting of finance, planning and development ministers met in Abidjan on 25th and 26th of March 2013, intensive discussions emphasise on the imperative to reverse the economic quagmire of the past decades by focusing on industrialisation as a necessary path towards sustained wealth creation for an emerging…


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ECDPM's new paper: Fixing Broken Links: Linking Extractive Sectors to Productive Value Chains

African Ministers of Finance, Planning and Economic Development and their experts are meeting in Abidjan from 21 to 26 March to discuss how industrialisation can best support Africa’s economic emergence. Extractive sectors have been a key element in the recent economic boom in some African countries. More is needed to attain development objectives. The meeting is expected to debate the way forward to translate mineral riches into development outcomes. As a contribution to the committee of…


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Our Special GREAT Insights Edition on Extractives is out!!!

ECDPM is pleased to announce the publication of its February/March GREAT Insights Magazine, whose Thematic Focus is Extractive Industries and Structural transformation.

This issue is jointly published with the OECD Development Centre and the UN Economic Commission for…


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ECDPM's new discussion paper out!

ECDPM is pleased to announce the release of its new discussion paper "From Curse to Purse: Making extractive resources work for development". The paper gives an overview of the impacts of minerals from Africa and provides elements of reflection to address the resource curse. 

Access the paper online on: www.ecdpm.org/dp136

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Thematic Focus of GREAT Insights on Extractive Industries for Development is out today!

ECDPM is please to release today its summer edition of its monthly magazine, Governance, Regional integration, Economics, Agriculture and Trade (GREAT) Insights, covering a wide range of topics related to economic development in Africa and the developing world. GREAT Insights gathers expert analysis and commentary from a wide variety of…


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African mineral wealth: turning stones into bread…

Which policy maker, in particular at the time when many developed countries are struggling with budgetary constraints and have little left for development support, would not agree that it has become imperative to transform the rich African mineral resources into long-term sustainable development? African leaders have placed the bet to attain this objective by…


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ECDPM New Discussion Paper: Shopping for Raw Materials - Should Africa Worry?

ECDPM is pleased to announce the publication of a Discussion Paper No. 105, entitled "Shopping for Raw Materials: Should Africa be worried about the EU Raw Materials Initiative?", (available on : www.ecdpm.org/dp105)

This Paper gives a general overview of the key initiatives taken by the European Union, the United States and China, amongst others. It further examines the likely implications for Africa, in terms of trade and development. It…


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