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It’s Time for EITI to Require Contract Transparency. Here are Four Reasons Why.

The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative Board has an important opportunity to strengthen the EITI Standard’s provisions on contract transparency when it meets next week in Kiev.

State-investor contracts and licenses which provide the terms attached to the exploitation of oil, gas and mineral resources must have citizen oversight. They can determine taxes, subnational transfers, audit rights, infrastructure and barter arrangements, community consultation requirements and…


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Three Ways Companies Can Make 2019 a Big Year for Contract Transparency

Many people understand the debate around the publication of extractive industry contracts as a battle between transparency activists on one side and secretive companies on the other. But if 2018 is any indication, this view is a bit outdated. As our summary of company and contracts stories from 2018 shows, several of the biggest advances in contract transparency actually came from the…


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BHP, Others Increase Scrutiny of Subcontracting Corruption Risks

Rob PitmanKaisa Toroskainen

At the International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC) in Copenhagen last month, Geoff Healy, chief external affairs officer of global mining giant BHP, …


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Opening Up Extractives Contracting to Deter Corruption: What We’ve Learned

Gavin Hayman, Rob Pitman and Amir Shafaie

Increasing transparency, boosting the role of business, and deepening civic engagement in government contracting are powerful ways to deter fraud and corruption, craft better agreements, build trust, and promote a more competitive business environment. But how can we apply these principles to natural resource contracting, where big-ticket projects can be worth billions of dollars?…


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Total Becomes First Major Oil Company to Support Contract Transparency

French oil giant Total is the latest company to make a policy statement in support of contract transparency in the extractive industries. This is the first policy statement of its kind by one of the so-called “supermajors”—the world’s largest publicly traded oil and gas companies.

Oil, gas and mining contracts agreed between companies and…


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How Many Governments Are Disclosing Oil, Gas and Mining Licenses and Contracts?

It has been notoriously difficult for citizens in resource-rich countries to lay hands on extractive industry contracts and licenses between their governments and private sector extractive companies. But that seems to be changing.

For a new report, Past the Tipping Point?, Don Hubert and I reviewed contract disclosure practice and policy in more than 50 countries and…


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Contract Transparency and Environmental Disclosure Opportunities at the OGP Paris Summit

Opacity around agreements governments make with companies over extractives and land projects is a serious problem. When citizens are unable to fully comprehend the nature of natural resource projects, misunderstandings and mismatched expectations can undermine trust in government and companies. In the worst cases, this can lead to conflict.

It is for these reasons that NRGI and the World Resources Institute are pleased to see that contract transparency and environmental disclosure are…


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Natural Resource Charter Benchmarking Framework: 170 Crucial Questions for Resource-Rich Countries

NRGI is pleased to present the Natural Resource Charter Benchmarking Framework: 170 questions you and your government should be asking about natural resource governance. With these questions, you can benchmark management of oil, gas and mineral resources in your country against best practices. Covering the entire range of decisions a government must make to ensure that a country’s resources fuel development…


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