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The subnational effects of the natural resource curse: Three-session panels at LASA 2018

For the first time the annual Congress of the Latin American Studies Association (LASA) will take place at an European city: Barcelona. Also, for the first time, LASA will host three panels on the emerging literature of the "subnational resource curse". The main objective of the sessions is to review and discuss empirical research on the…


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The political economy of natural resources in Latin America: two panels on resource rents, politics and development

Governments, extractive companies and communities in regions that extract non-renewable resources in Latin America have endured the effects of the end of the last commodity-boom since mid-2014. Some governments and communities have taken seriously the challenge of finding alternative sources of production and income, as extractive companies reduced or suspended their investments and the resource revenues declined significantly. Others are still hopeful of the return of higher prices,…


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Linking mineral and oil royalties with development

Colombia is one of the 30 countries that manage a significant share of its natural resource revenues through a decentralized system. Moreover, it is the only country in Latin America that has an ad-hoc system to distribute, use and monitor these resource revenues (now a days called the General System of Royalties). The decentralization of resource revenues started in the early 1990s with the enactment of the 1991 Constitution and the law 141 of 1994 that developed it. The…


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Call for papers: "The end of the commodity super-cycle and its implications for oil- and mineral-exporting countries"

The commodity super-cycle (2000-14) played a pivotal role in shaping the politics, institutions and development strategies of resource-rich developing countries. Given the current low-price context it is pertinent to explore how relevant institutions are adapting to this "new normal".  To address this key issue, Jakob Engel (University of Oxford), Rebecca Engebretsen (University of Oxford), Cornelia Staritz (Austrian Foundation for Development Research (ÖFSE)) and…


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Development of local providers in the Colombian extractive sector: Bottlenecks, success factors and policy implications

Societies that have abundant non-renewable natural resources may transform such natural capital into other types of capital (e.g. human, produced, infrastructure) through different channels. For governments that manage natural wealth, the substitution of one type of capital -which depletes as it is exploited- for other sustainable capitals is a public policy challenge. One of the channels of transformation is the creation of forward and backward productive linkages between the extractive…


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Investing for peace? On the use of resource revenues to finance an eventual post-conflict process in Colombia

This week I will present a working paper at the International Conference of Public Policy in Milan. It would be great to get feedback from my fellow GOXIans, so if you are interested in topics related to natural resources and armed conflicts, please check out the paper titled "Investing for peace? On the use of resource revenues to finance an eventual post-conflict process in Colombia" (you can download …


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On the subnational resource curse

Since fall last year I have been working on my doctoral research about the management of natural resource revenues by subnational governments. I am particularly interested on the impact of a resource windfall on the quality of the public investment decisions. The tentative title of the research is a bit long but it gives a good idea of my topic: "Policymaking in the context of abundance: A comparative case study on the investment of non-renewable resource rents by Colombian local…


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Natural resources and public investment

Here you will find a short note (in Spanish) I wrote about the relation between natural resources and public investment: http://invepub.com/2015/01/06/recursos-naturales-e-inversion-publica/

In the coming days I will post an article on the policy opportunities and threats posed by the oil price plunge.

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