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UK EITI MSG - working to become less male, less white, less dominated by big corporate NGO interests: simply fairer

There's a dispute at the UK EITI multi-stakeholder group. The group is supposed to include fair representation of UK civil society. Publish What You Pay (PWYP) has, however, to date nominated as substantive members (or alternates) only white men in paid appointments at London-based international NGOs. Most of these NGOs, of course, have no community engagement in the UK at all.

Some of us decided that this was outrageous. Particularly in view of the high UK African interest in…


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EITI 'supporting states' - support means money, not presumed moral superiority

Yesterday, at the first day of the EITI Board's 2-day meeting in Oslo, there was a stand-out moment. 

It wasn't the worthy discussion of the validation schedule, or the meticulously prepared papers, or the sensible outreach work. It wasn't even the intelligent introduction to the new EITI beta website, which looks set to become a very handy resource for everyone. 

The stand-out moment came while the secretariat…


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How Africans are taking control of their own EITI

Tanzania Extractive Industry Civil Society (TEICS)'s Bubelwa Kaiza writes here at Goxi about an attempt by powerful, rich International NGOs to wrest control of the EITI initiative in Tanzania from dedicated local CSOs. 

This is the latest episode in a new story about Africans determined to assert their will over their own civil society…


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UK EITI - useful lessons for civil society?

We have the latest meeting of the UK EITI multi-stakeholder group tomorrow (Tuesday) and this comes just as we've issued our first year report. Elsewhere on Goxi, Miles Litvinoff of Publish What You Pay provides a super, detailed description of the administrative process so far. It’s worth flagging here a few quick lessons in respect of civil society activity on the MSG.


First, Extractive Industries Civil…


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Congo-Brazzaville, EITI and presidential election

The Republic of Congo, often known as Congo-Brazzaville after its capital city, is a leading member of the EITI. It hosted the major Board event last year and The EITI is regarded as a priority at the top of government. 

An oil exporter, Congo-B's  national oil company publishes its revenue accounts annually. The…


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The EITI, civil society and letting developing states speak for themselves

The EITI Conference in Lima was a decent success for a number of reasons - perhaps the most striking was the enthusiastic participation of developing countries with very different profiles. The Phillipines was very proud of its Extractives portal; Nigeria sent two ministers who spoke passionately of the new Buhari administration's commitment to transparency and anti-corruption; the Azerbaijan national Oil Fund manager - already a…


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Why are NGOs so white?

Over the last 15 years, I've worked alongside a large number of London-based international NGOs with a developmental emphasis; most concerned with the environment, poverty, transparency. I do mean 'concerned' in both senses - the sector seems to have more than its fair share of really decent people. At the moment, I'm doing a lot of work with transparency NGOs.

I have not yet met a single black member of staff in an organisation other than my own. Yet London is the most ethnically…


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Beneficial ownership amongst transparency NGOs

Beneficial ownership is a big gig these days - and quite right, too. But how much to we know about how the notion of beneficial ownership affects transparency NGOs? I've asked a few NGO officials recently, and some  have got a bit shirty. 

For example, one big NGO has the same small set of directors who founded the organisation many, many years ago. That's unusual. It catches the eye, you might say. Moreover, all the directors say that founding the NGO was their first and only real…


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Civil Society and the Extractive Industries

Here's an intelligent piece by the World Bank's Charles Feinstein on the most recent meeting of the Board of the EITI. It's fair, balanced and celebrates a number of important plus-points of the event. It also starts with the word 'Tension' and ends with the following warning: 

"EITI is at a cross-roads and...more work needs to be done to reach long-term solutions to put…


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