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Is access to water driving mining conflicts in Peru?

Despite the proliferation of community conflicts at mine sites, there is a dearth of documented, quantitative analyses for insights as to the factors contributing to such conflicts. …


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International Gas Outlook and Implications for Developing Tanzania’s Gas Projects

As part of our partnership with Uongozi, CCSI has written a brief that assesses the international gas outlook and long-term implications for the development of Tanzania's offshore gas deposits. As the country looks to use a proportion of the gas domestically to support its development strategy, the brief places particular focus on issues that need to be considered in the final negotiations related to the arrangements of the domestic gas allocation.

We find that Tanzania's gas…


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Handbook On Measuring Employment from Extractive Industry Investments

More transparency around the data and assumptions used to support employment estimates (direct, indirect and induced) for extractive industry investments is needed. Employment benefits are one of the primary concerns of local communities and when expectations are not met, this can result in disappointment and friction. This handbook aims to contribute to the understanding of how employment multipliers are calculated using the input-output (IO) and computable general…


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How Oil and Gas Companies Can Help Meet the Global Goals on Energy and Climate Change

The sustainable development goals (SDGs) and the Paris Agreement lay out a global consensus on the need to curb human-induced climate change and to achieve sustainable development. These concepts are linked. The urgency of addressing climate change is critical for global efforts to reduce poverty and advance sustainable development, but also climate-change mitigation must be pursued in a manner consistent with ending poverty, promoting economic development, respecting human rights, and…


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New study on the impact of mine automation on the shared-value paradigm

Technologies currently being deployed in the mining sector will mean that the mines of the future look much different than today’s operations. Among the major changes will be fewer employees, thanks to labor-saving innovations. Yet local employment and employment-related procurement are major drivers of host country benefits, and an important part of the shared-value proposition.

In a joint study by the …


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Downstream Beneficiation of Extractive Resources

There is a growing sense among natural resource-producing countries that the raw materials should be processed domestically rather than being exported in its unprocessed form. Downstream beneficiation is considered an opportunity to develop the domestic economy by creating jobs, enhancing skills and diversifying the economy. Large incentives are often offered to investors to build ‘first degree’ downstream industries such as steel plants, aluminum smelters or oil refineries. Yet…


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Launch of Open Fiscal Models

Alongside growing revenue and contract transparency, increasing model transparency is needed. Only with financial model transparency can relevant actors better assess whether contracts are balanced in terms of fiscal returns and understand when revenues start flowing to the government. CCSI strongly supports financial model transparency and has developed two open fiscal models to be launched at the …


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Outcome Report of Roundtable on Governing Natural Resources

In November 2014, CCSI convened a one-day roundtable focused on lessons learned from good governance initiatives for extractive industry investments and large land-based agricultural investments. The roundtable brought together a range of stakeholders working on extractive industry investments and/or land-based forestry and agricultural investments, including representatives from civil society, government, academia, and the private sector. CCSI has published an …


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