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Modelling of Tullow’s Turkana in Kenya shows the economics are still not locked in

First published by Johnny West on openoil.net

A financial model of Tullow’s Turkana project in Kenya has yielded several interesting results: first, that Turkana county and the local community will receive hundreds of millions of dollars before any cap set by central government would kick in; second, that although the…


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Is Tanzania’s export ban a high stakes game of poker with Acacia?

First published by Johnny West on openoil.net

Tanzania’s decision to impose a ban on concentrate exports from its mining industry has gained wide coverage among industry watchers. The question is: what does the government hope to achieve with it, and what will companies’ reaction be to it?

In this piece, we explore the possibility that the ban…


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Brazil's $90 billion Libra field in trouble - says public data

We are delighted to publish the first in our series of open financial models to be produced with teams from government, civil society and the private sector from all over the world - using only publicly available information.

Brazil’s Libra field has been the subject of intense public interest since the deal for it was announced in 2013. It is the flagship for the country’s attempt to become a major global exporter. The massive field lies 250 km offshore in the pre-salt – under 2,000…


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With Mandatory Disclosures, More Open, Granular Oil Price Data

This blog was also posted on the Natural Resource Governance Institute website and the Open Oil website. It was written by David Mihalyi and Anton Rühling.

Many oil-rich countries’ governments reap…


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The Panama Papers, corporate filings and the “bad guy” / “sharp guy” issues

Oil geek question: what do ConocoPhillipsHalliburton and Schlumberger have in common? Well… they all share the fact that they have, or at least at one point had, Panama incorporated subsidiaries. So why is…


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Using Aleph: 5 tips and tricks to find out about what extractive companies tell their investors

Every week thousands of pages are filed by extractive companies to stock exchanges across the globe, containing valuable information on oil, gas and mining operations worldwide. Through such disclosures, investors, regulators and researchers can update themselves on any listed company’s financial situation, the economics of particular oil or mining projects, newly signed host-government contracts, changes in directors or shareholders, and lots more. We at OpenOil for example have already…


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Open Data Training and Services Project Manager at OpenOil in Berlin

Deadline: February 1, 2016

OpenOil is currently seeking a project manager with experience in and around open data to lead our “Open Data Training and Services” programme by facilitating current and future open data service activities. You would be involved in the training of journalists, civil society and government officials across the globe, design and create teaching material – such as online lectures and tutorials – and develop the user base for OpenOil’s…


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The open data map of oil concessions extends to 18 countries in the Middle East

OpenOil is happy to announce the second stage of the world’s first open data map of oil concessions – the Middle East and North Africa. The addition includes 18 jurisdictions across the region, from Oman and Iraqi Kurdistan in the east to Algeria and Morocco in the West, making a total now of 53 jurisdictions and 3,400-odd blocks in the map as a whole. We are on course to add another 50 countries around the world by the end of the year.

We have also upgraded the…


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An Open Data Concession Map of the World – Part I, Sub-Saharan Africa

For the past year, OpenOil has collected oil concession data from all continents as a contribution to what we believe holds the potential to revolutionise natural resource management across the globe: an open data framework around the extractive industries. Today, we are pleased to announce its next evolution – the first open oil concession…


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What happens when you can search 30 million words of oil contracts?

First posted by Johnny West on OpenOil.net

OpenOil today releases the fourth version of the contracts repository. As my colleague Anton Rühling, writes, there are another 83 contracts, from 29 countries, and some interesting material around the…


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Core Petrobras Field tops new entrants to the repository, now 800 contracts strong

It’s almost been a year since we have first launched the OpenOil contracts repository and we are happy to today announce our fourth update: 83 new full-text agreements, including new host government contracts from countries such as …


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The cartography of Acme Corporation and why it matters

This post by Miguel Verde was first featured online on www.openoil.net.

"When OpenOil approached me with the proposal to contribute to their partnership with OpenCorporates and map out the global corporate structure and subsidiary hierarchy of BP plc, one of the world's largest oil and gas company, I was enthusiastic. To attempt such a project with a small group…


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