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Starting today, March 13, in Tanzania, the World Bank is holding a series of specialized training models on transfer pricing based on its Guidebook on how established transfer pricing principles for intrag.... The next workshop will be in Panama from March 21 to 23.

Also going from Africa to Latin America, Juan Herrera presents a paper comparing the experiences of seven Latin American and seven African countries in order to identify common factors that can help explain the achievement of positive local content outcomes.

Zimbabwe's export incentives may have made mining companies richer? But have they increased production? Gilbert Makore wonders.

The Intergovernmental Forum on Mining, Minerals, Metals and Sustainable Development (IGF) announces its 57th member: Ecuador.

And remember to submit photos for the International Women in Mining photo competition, sponsored by De Beers.

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New GOXIans - Welcome
  • Boubacar Bocoum; Lead Mining Specialist - World Bank; Washington DC, United States
  • Extractives Baraza; Extractives Industry - Advocacy-neutral online platform; Nairobi, Kenya
  • Aaron Cosey; Senior Associate - IISD/IGF; Rossland , BC; Canada
New Posts
  • Does Zimbabwe's Central Bank export incentive for mining need a re-think? - Gilbert Makore - Read
  • Malawi's new mining map cadastre - Landfolio for natural resources - Daniel Gilbert - Read
  • Mining Lawyer – Extractive Industries Governance - Adam Smith International - Read
  • Ecuador reaffirms its commitment to sustainable mining by joining IGF - Mira Oberman - Read
  • Transfer pricing in mining with a focus on Africa - Reference Guide - Boubacar Bocoum - Read
  • New deadline: consultant to support Indonesia with commodity trading pilot - EITI - Read
  • Comparative evidence paper: What matters when it comes to adopting local content? A comparative analysis of success factors in Africa and Latin America - Juan Herrera - Read


  • Mohammed Ramadhan Ruwange; Launch of The Extractives Baraza; Nairobi, Kenya; March 15, 2017 - RSVP
  • Miho Taka; Commonwealth Professional Fellowship on Improving Natural Resource Governance through Citizen Engagement; Coventry University, London, United Kingdom; March 23 - April 21, 2017 - RSVP
  • Intersocial Consulting & Metrix; Social Risk and Resettlement Management Training; Huston, Texas, United States; March 23 - 24, 2017 - RSVP

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Jobs and More
  • Contract Opportunity - Government of the Northwest Territories, in Canada’s Arctic - Apply
  • Regional Directors / Country Managers for Africa - EITI in Oslo - Apply
  • Communications Director - EITI Oslo - Apply
  • Communications Assistant - PWYP - Apply
  • Regional Coordinator - PWYP Francophone West Africa - Apply
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Featured member - Jan Lust

Jan Lust has a Ph.D. in Development Studies and is a university professor in Lima (Peru) at the Universidad Ricardo Palma and the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. He teaches courses related to globalization and social and economic development in Peru. His research is focused on the dynamics and particularities of Peruvian capitalist development in the last thirty-five years.

Jan has a specific interest in extractive industries as economic development in Peru has been historically determined by the prices and the demand for the country’s abundant mineral resources. As a matter of fact, in last years the mining sector has turned into one the principal motors for economic growth. In relation to this sector, Jan has published on issues related to the Peruvian mining boom (2005-2011), Peruvian governmental policies on mining, the struggle of the Peruvian indigenous and peasant communities against transnational mining corporations, and corporate social responsibility. 

(Information on featured members and organizations is based on content shared by members or publicly available information, sometimes edited for language and brevity, and should not be considered an endorsement by GOXI of any member's skills or experience.)

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Beyond GOXI: Books, news, papers and reports
  • Reviewing, reforming, and rethinking global energy subsidies: towards a political economy research agenda - Benjamin Sovacool in Ecological Economics -  Read

  • The 20 best mining schools in the world Mining.comRead

  • UK Carbon emissions at their lowest level since 1894 -  Daily Mail - Read

  • INFOGRAPHIC: 11 stunning visualizations of gold show its value and rarity - Visual Capitalist - Read
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