sharing in governance of extractive industries

Angola, Good Deals, and Mining the Data Deluge

Let’s imagine a country with a large resource deposit. In this country, the government grants a private company license to extract it. In a given year of production, the company extracts USD 1 billion worth of resources and then pays a 30% share—USD 300 million—through several channels of taxation to the host government. Citizens who observe similar numbers in company, government and watchdog reports are left wondering whether such a ratio is high or low—essentially, if it represents a good or bad deal for companies or citizens.

In Angola, the Ministry of Finance has been providing very granular information  on revenues from its oil sector block by block, year by year total value of oil production and total government revenue. Using this dataset the blogpost demonstates ways in which project level payment information (such as those collected on www.resourceprojects.org ) can be analyzed.

Read the full piece on NRGI's blog .... 

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