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Are Corporate Social Responsibility and Community Development Really Joined At the Hip?

Is your organization implementing socioeconomic development, environmental or charity projects that benefit communities? Do you think this automatically makes these projects a demonstration of social responsibility? Well, don’t be so sure!

It is now common practice for modern businesses to take great care of their corporate image by investing into socioeconomic development and environmental preservation projects – which are as well communicated as possible – be it to boost their marketing or even to comfort clients. For projects with greater impact on human and natural territory, things are a little different: they do it to earn social acceptance and comply with regulatory requirements. Aren’t such investments only societal in appearance, as they ultimately just serve profitability and compliance objectives? Or, on the opposite, could these development projects mirror decision-makers’ will to take actions that go beyond corporate interest and actually fulfill needs of influencing communities? When are we addressing true Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)?

Read more to find out 9 best practices to apply when assessing organizations.

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