sharing in governance of extractive industries

Calling Arctic extractive industry experts! International panel is seeking members to promote responsible resource extraction in the Arctic

An international panel is currently seeking members to help promote better environmental performance in Arctic resource extraction industries, while pushing the boundaries of applied research.

The International Panel on Arctic Environmental Responsibility (IPAER) is an independent and voluntary group of experts tasked with assessing the environmental performance of oil, gas and mining companies in the Arctic. The initiative is led by Research Professor Indra Overland of the Norwegian Institute for International Affairs (NUPI) in Oslo.

Panel members are required to complete a short and simple perceptions survey, by first of all identifying the companies they are familiar with, and then ranking them in relation to one another. The results will be published as an open-access ranking of companies.

The IPAER seeks to attract a balanced and broad range of Panel members with complementary knowledge and experience. These will include technical industry experts, local community and civil society representatives, academics, industry consultants, journalists and regulators. Panel members are expected to base their perceptions on the facts and realities that they have encountered through their professional and lived experience.

The IPAER is an experiment in what could be called ‘governance without enforcement’ to complement legal and formal regulation. We hope that it will trigger public debate and dialogue, and internal corporate thinking, while stimulating an environmental ‘race to the top’ among extractive industry companies.

But the success of IPAER depends on our ability to involve as many Panel members as possible from a wide diversity of backgrounds.

If you would like to become a member of the Panel, we would love to hear from you!

Please contact:

Research Professor Indra Overland: ino@nupi.no

Dr Emma Wilson: emma.wilson@ecwenergy.com

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