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Chronicle of an irreversible change Togo, the miracle takes place with ITIE

Chronicle of an irreversible change

Togo, the miracle takes place with ITIE

It is irreversible marches, not because they necessarily take place in the logic proper to the context, even if there is obviously no indication that it is better, but sometimes, in difficult situations, the creative genius of man takes into account the need for change.


Thus, Togo gradually begins the path of reforms, reforms insofar as they remain a expressed need. For some, they would be delayed but for some, seem so obvious ... and imply that attitudes are particularly disciplined, a new ethics in the management of public resources. Obviously, reform must be structured by implementing new cultures, opening up perspectives such as the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI), which actively participates in performance in government, industry and civil society.


Observers to observe the application of the laws: since January 2017, the declarations of new receipts online reassure traceability ... Our laws provide for the exemption of essential products, and yet the price of commodities galloping. It should be noted, however, that if the authorities do their part, the people lack method, especially in civil society, which is divided by conflicts of leadership and professional truands of falsehood, who do not care for common welfare. appetite bulimic, denigrating at times the efforts of the Togolese as long as it suits them. It is time to get out of catastrophism. Warning !
The proof: the obligation to disseminate useful information to the public about governance suffers from lack of effort because timorous, the people remain passive.
However, the march is still possible, the figures speak: in 2005, Togo's budget, minus 300 billion cfa crosses the threshold of triple today ... a rare performance in a country having been deeply morally dilapidated
Local governance is struggling to recover, prefectures such as Yoto do not say what they perceive in return on taxes. It is now up to the Togolese Revenue Office (OTR) to disclose property, professional and garbage collection taxes ... in order to avoid this misappropriation of money, an obstacle to development, which has pushed The State of Togo to adopt the EITI (Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative), which is progressing marvelously from Kara to Blitta, the local authorities are making the rounds for the dissemination of the 2014 report. What about Sokodé, Bafilo, Cinkassé , Dapaong and Nayenga, where the discovery of the Manganese deposit will benefit from better mining expertise, ... a gradual change. Although present, the pockets of resistance, a good vision of things is necessary for the march becomes easy. Togo is moving forward!
Blaise Ayegnon
Security and development expert
+228 90214293

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