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Currently, Kenya is seeing and experiencing the changes brought by one of the most revolutionary inventions in the field of sustainable energy.

Developed by the Azuri Technologies, a company based in UK, is the IndiGo solar kits, which can provide electricity among homes. As the word "solar" implies, the IndiGo solar kits produce electricity by gathering energy from the sun. According to an article published in All Africa's website, the IndiGo solar kit was awarded the 2013 Ashden Award, which is considered the world's leading prize in clean and sustainable energy. The Ashden Award primarily focuses on innovations which addresses poverty and sustainability issues. The award was given during the third week of June 2013.

The IndiGo solar kit is just one of the increasing number of options that families in areas where energy is a problem can opt for. The same article published in All Africa's website tells the story of why a family opted for IndiGo solar kits instead of kerosene powered lamps. According to the article, the solar kit technology is not just efficient and clean. It is, in fact, a healthier energy source. According to health experts, kerosene lamps produce smoke or fumes that are harmful to the body when inhaled. Also, it was found to have caused eye irritation and other problems. Therefore, using kerosene lamps for extended periods of time might be really hazardous to one's health.

In addition, kerosene lamps also produce carbon, which are not only harmful to one's health, but also to the environment. By producing much carbon dioxide, kerosene lamps contribute to the warming of the atmosphere. This results to global warming, and ultimately to climate change.

The solar-powered kit, therefore, is a possible solution to this. Because it is a clean energy source that extracts energy from a natural source, the sun, the harmful effects associated with kerosene lamps will be avoided. Currently, it is estimated that 500 million households in the world are relying on kerosene lamps for energy and light source. Therefore, if more and more families would opt to use solar-powered energy sources, then this can do wonders to people's health and the environment as well.

Not only are solar powered energy sources, such as the IndiGo solar kit, healthier for the health and the environment, they are also relatively cheaper than kerosene lamps. Kerosene lamps require the users to buy kerosene gas every now and then to continue the use of the lamp; whereas upon purchasing a solar powered energy source, one has practically an unlimited supply of solar power. In the long run, therefore, solar powered kits are more economical than kerosene lamps.

It is a fortunate thing that there is a rapid mushrooming of different devices that provide sustainable and clean energy. Together, these devices can help tackle the worldwide problem in the lack of energy sources, especially in developing areas. I believe that in the long run, developing sustainable and clean energy sources will help alleviate poverty in many areas all over the world.


Humphrey Kariuki Ndegwa is Dalbit International’s founder and Chief Executive Officer. He’s currently working towards his vision of a pan-African energy company, as well as for his advocates in the sphere of sustainable development.

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