sharing in governance of extractive industries

December 13th - Webinar on Meaningful Stakeholder Engagement

In recent years, globally, we’ve noticed several trends that affect how we engage with the public on issues affecting them, including mining, oil and gas projects

  1. Lower trust in Government: People do not just accept decisions from government easily. If people don’t have a chance to participate in the decision-making, there is often distrust in those decisions. People will guard their own interests during negotiations. We’ve seen an increase in this lower trust in government in recent years.
  2. Access to information: The internet has changed our lives and the way we work. Much greater availability of data, and people can analyze the data/information- even in remote places. Where Government and industry used to have a knowledge advantage, now stakeholders have almost closed the gap. 
  3. Empowerment of Stakeholders: Stakeholders are empowered. They often will not accept being excluded from the decision making process, they want to be involved in the plan. If they are left out, they find ways to make themselves heard.
  4. Aging Populations: in countries with aging populations, people are living longer. Retired people are often becoming very active in public issues, and advocating on issues they see as important.
  5. Legal Complexity - The outcome of a court case is not always predictable. Government or Industry cannot always rely on clear legislation. This means the need for public participation and gaining social license increases.

As a result of these trends above, governments are increasingly striving for transparency in decision-making in the extractive sector. But are they succeeding? To learn more, tune into our GOXI Learning Series Webinar on December 13th at 9am Eastern, which will explore meaningful stakeholder engagement.

This webinar provides a broad overview of meaningful stakeholder involvement in decision making processes and why it matters. We explore tools you can use to develop effective strategies to integrate stakeholder engagement into the environmental management of mining. A case study from Kenya will be used as a starting point for discussions and sharing experiences.

If you'd like to take the discussion of topics from the webinar forward, we welcome you to add your thoughts. 

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