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Extractive Industries and Indigenous People

I would like to inform you of an important meeting that I attended organised by the UNDP Asia Pacific Center in  partnership with the UNIPP - United Nations Indigenous Peoples Partnership on Extractive Industries and Indigenous People. 


The background paper and the full program  are attached for your information


South-East Asia Sub-Regional Meeting on Extractive Industries and

Indigenous Peoples’ Rights to Land and Natural Resources


24-25 June, 2013 Bangkok, Thailand (Novotel Ploenchit)


In South-East Asia, there are concerns that, despite its promises of ‘development’, large-scale EIs have done little to improve the real lives of the citizens. In many cases EIs allegedly have contributed to serious adverse consequences, particularly for the indigenous peoples (IPs) who live on and around the lands affected. This tendency is especially strong when they are introduced into situations with already weak governance systems, pre-existing ethnic-social tensions, corruption, inequitable political representation and culture of impunity. Risks and adverse impacts include: evictions from customary lands, environmental degradation, breakdown of socio-cultural structures, decline of food security, traditional livelihoods and non-EI sector local economies (i.e. “Dutch disease”), leading to increased poverty and income inequality, violent conflicts, intra-community divisions, and militarization.


In this context, UNDP Asia-Pacific Regional Center, in partnership with the United Nations Indigenous Peoples Partnership (UNIPP), is organizing a Sub-Regional Meeting in Bangkok, Thailand on 24-25 June 2013. The consultation will involve expert participants from the Governments of the countries in Indonesia, Philippines, and Lao PDR, as well as from academia, civil society, development banks, and UN agencies. The consultation will provide an opportunity for multi-stakeholder discussions on challenges, experiences, opportunities, and practical solutions to protect IPs’ rights to land and natural resources in South-East Asia with a particular focus on issues surrounding EIs.


The Meeting aims to:

1)     Survey existing and emerging norms, guidelines, and notable initiatives on EIs in relation to IPs;

2)     Share key challenges, experiences and lessons learned from countries of the subregion in protecting customary lands and natural resources;

3)     Examine critical factors and practical recommendations to improve EI governance, reduce adverse impact and enhance development outcomes for IPs; and

4)     Identify key proposals that will improve the effective implementation of norms and guidelines for the protection of IP rights and improvement of their lives vis-à-vis EIs

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