sharing in governance of extractive industries

Gold mining: the search for common ground

Within any gold mining district you will find a wide range of people. 

At a glance, they may appear very different — they use different tools, work in different conditions, and operate within different confines of the law. If you trust the headlines, you might believe that their differences define them and that their story is one of conflict, pollution and exploitation. 

But read between the lines and you will find they have more in common than you thought, and that their story is one of joint humanity, shared values and mutual hopes for a good life. 

From the geologist at her desk to the miner down the pit, and from the mining officer to the village elder, large-scale miners, small-scale miners and government workers alike are people. 

They are fathers, sons, mothers, daughters — working to provide for their families and secure a better future for themselves and their loved ones. 

To better understand the wide range of people who depend on gold mining, IIED travelled to Geita District, northwest Tanzania, to talk to some of them. 

This is the human story of gold mining... --> Gold mining: the search for common ground

More details: Towards inclusive responsible mining.

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