sharing in governance of extractive industries

I’m thinking CSR day should not been scheduled as the last event of the Indaba. That said “marginal” when the overriding message we’ve heard about CSR is “core.” You see?...

…OK I think too much. The Indaba is over, time to pack up, kick off the shoes and relax and reflect.

Freshest in my mind for reflection is the aforementioned CSR day. Aidan Davey of ICMM set the stage with an overview of the topic, including its evolution and multiple names: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Sustainable Development (SD) or Economic and Social Governance (ESG). I found particularly instructive his slide about the various types of risks to a mining operation from a CEO’s perspective. It made clear that CSR/SD/ESG-type risks are among several, but he also emphasized the depth and consequences of these particular types of risk. (I would love to get my hand on that presentation and post it on GOXI.)

The CSR panels themselves were thoughtfully constituted, bringing views from important and distinct stakeholders, including activists, corporate affairs executives and investors.

My last conversation was with a successful Burkinabe prospector who wished there was deeper participation and engagement by African governments at the Indaba to really understand how mining companies think. From my experience, it is indeed a common refrain among many companies that CSOs especially have no interest in understanding how value is created in their business.

My view is that it is two-way—in fact multiple-way when you add all stakeholders—street: as companies seek to better understand the needs of communities, those who represent the communities also have a responsibility to better understand the needs of the companies, in order to better serve the communities!

We hope for GOXI to be a start of that type of exchange and communications. Keep learning, keep sharing, keep connecting.  

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Comment by Julia Mensah on February 11, 2011 at 0:01
Interesting... thanks for the summary of CSR day... it would be nice to see some of the slides on GOXI. Perhaps we could find out from the organizers of Indaba? Another term I have heard used for CSR is "corporate engagement".


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