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Privacy on GOXI, what you need to know as a member

When you sign up for GOXI, you join a Community of Practice of professionals such as yourself, interested in governance of extractive industries. As such, the GOXI team tries to make it easy for members to connect and interact. We also strive to protect your privacy and make our community a safe space where knowledge exchange can flourish.

As many of you know several data protection laws and regulations are being passed all over the world, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which comes into effect in the European Union on May 25th, 2018.  With the coming into force of the GDPR we want to remind GOXI members of how we acquire, display, and use member's personal data.

  1. GOXI  collects only the personal information members provide at sign-up and that which members choose to display publicly on their GOXI member profile page;
  2. Members have control over who can see what on their profile or can contact them. Members can adjust your privacy settings at any time;
  3. A members' email address is never displayed publicly on your member profile.  Email addresses are displayed publicly only when members post them directly or request for that to be done, for example, in a job posting;
  4. Only GOXI administrators can access member email address, and will do so only if they need to contact you outside the platform;
  5. GOXI never shares your data with third parties. This includes emails;
  6. GOXI makes it possible for members to message each other through the platform. Members get prompted through an email notification when someone contacts them;
  7. GOXI screens new members to the best of its ability before accepting them. However, if any member receives suspicious or harassing messages from any member, we ask they notify us immediately by sending an email to: mygoxi@gmail.com;
  8. GOXI sends out a Weekly GOXI digest to all members. The digest is sent directly through the platform without administrators seeing your email address. Occasionally, we send out other messages to all members, when it refers to special events or announcements, such as this one. (The last such message was more than seven months ago) With our current technology, we are unable to isolate some members from messages to all members;
  9. Members can delete your profile at any time for any reason; and
  10. Members may also request information regarding your personal data by sending an email to mygoxi@gmail.com;
  11. By continuing to be a GOXI member on or after 25th May, members acknowledge GOXI's privacy policy and terms of use that are part of it's Community Guidelines, and agree to the updated terms.

These rules cover all members, but in order to continue to stay compliant with the GDPR at all times, GOXI now includes a new field in member profiles.  This new field asks current members and new members to specify if they are a resident of the EU and therefore covered by GDPR. We therefore invite all GOXI members to please update your member profile here and specify if you are a EU resident. 

Please also stay up-to-date with GOXI’s  Community Guidelines, which includes information on GOXI's privacy policy and terms of use.   

Additionally, over the coming months GOXI is:

  • Investing in a more user friendly GOXI which will also give you better control of the content you'd like to receive.
  • Improving login information for better security

If members need any personal assistance on how to update their member profile,  or for any further questions or concerns, you can contact me at: mygoxi@gmail.com.

We work hard to continue to earn your trust on GOXI, your privacy is important to us so thank you for trusting us with your personal information!  We appreciate your continued engagement on GOXI! 

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