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The 4 Maturity Levels of Organizations for Data Management of Stakeholder Engagement Activities

Embracing new data management technologies and artificial intelligence (AI) can support the implementation of best practices in the context of social and environmental performance for corporations with multiple sites. It’s also become necessary to manage social performance data, which has become such an important factor to assist proactive and strategic decision-making.

The challenges of an interconnected world


Today’s world is interconnected. People are aware of the activities of corporations located thousands of kilometers away. They have an opinion on these organizations and their operations. It’s now possible for people to (at different degrees) influence the course of the project of a corporation in a much shorter period of time than a decade ago when information was flowing much slowly across the different stakeholders involved.


This can go in either direction at any point in time: people are not necessarily complaining about a corporation’s activities all the time. Most times, these activities can lead to creating shared-value for all important stakeholders groups. But when they don’t want to leave the outcomes to good luck or faith, corporations need to perform well at positioning themselves and finding where they stand.


Here are the 4 levels of maturity that we found were the most logical, with most organizations falling under a level:

  • Ground Level – No digital trail 
  • Level 1 – Ad Hoc – Focus on data collection
  • Level 2 – Reporting with lagging indicators, project-focused
  • Level 3 – Performance at the corporate level – Integration with sites

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Comment by Sarah Busque on August 8, 2018 at 14:35

Thanks for your comment Andres. Although we do briefly mention our product can help organizations at level 3 at the end of the article, other solutions could also cater to their needs depending on their needs and where they find themselves in terms of maturity. 

Comment by Andres Recalde on August 7, 2018 at 23:25

It would be fair to mention that this article is promotional of a specific software product.


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