sharing in governance of extractive industries

The African Mining Vision: Perspectives on Mineral Resource Development in Africa

 Please find below the abstract of new paper, framing in an innovative manner governance challenges in the extractive sector in Africa.  You can download it on the link below: https://socialsciences.uottawa.ca/governance/sites/socialsciences.u...

This paper argues that, after the recent boom, the African Mining Vision initiative (AMV)’s focus on putting development front and center in the extractive industry, is a paradigm ‘whose time has come’. We hypothesis that the Vision is forward-looking enough with robust ideational foundation for seizing emerging policy windows to bring about lasting paradigm shift for Africa’s extractive sector— anchored on its broad-based development.

The paper presents a dynamic, innovative framework for analysing policy change in the extractive sector in Africa, based on the power in ideas and interests networks. While the crisis presents an opportunity, the paper analyses the binding political economy constraints, African governments will have to overcome at the global, regional and country levels in order to implement the transformative ideas of the AMV. The paper further presents a matrix systematically analysing possible scenarios in the way of implementing the Africa Mining Vision.

While AMV remains a paradigm whose time has come for extractive-led development strategies, its implementation would unlikely be linear. Vested interests, including resistance to change and diversity of country contexts, could lead to varied outcomes, in the implementation of AMV in short and medium terms.


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