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Training Module on Responsible Mining in Mongolia

I joined a national dialogue workshop in Ulaanbaatar, hosted by UNDP, UK Embassy and CSM Policy Research Institute in Mongolia on March 21, 2016. It was for presenting and facilitating discussion of Training Module on Responsible Mining in Mongolia. The main objective of this module is to build the capacity of local governments and small and medium-sized mining companies in Mongolia for developing responsible mining.

The core research team was comprised of me, Dr Munkhzul Dorjsuren and researchers from Civic Solutions Mongolia. The research team has applied Participatory Curriculum Development (PCD) approach to develop the training module. We conducted a scoping study and local training needs assessment in two soums (Zaamar and Uyanga) and the national multi-stakeholder workshop that I mentioned. The module was also reviewed by third party experts, local government and industry practitioners.

The module did not intend to cover all aspects of responsible mining. Rather, it explored in-depth the key themes that were identified by research reviews and local needs assessments. We recognized that the key local stakeholders should have a shared understanding of the core aspects of responsible mining.

Many elements of responsible mining can be identified, depending on the industry, government and civil society perspectives. We used the following four components as central to understanding responsible mining in Mongolia today:

•             Acknowledging the need to preserve ecologically and culturally significant areas.

•             Ensuring environmentally responsible mine development

•             Ensuring that mine development results in benefits to workers and affected communities

•             Ensuring that appropriate corporate governance structures are in place.

Accordingly, the training module breaks down into thematic modules within three main sections: social and community aspects of mining, environmental stewardship in mining, and transparency. Each thematic module has the following components: learning objectives, key messages, lecture notes, which include narratives on the key points, regulatory aspects, international best practice and key concepts, relevant case studies, glossary of key terms and a reading list. A number of training tools that can be used to enhance understanding of the module’s contents, which include review and discussion  questions, instructions and options of group exercises and activities, and PowerPoint presentation slides for each thematic module.

The training module will be available in English and Mongolian.

The introductory presentation of the training module:


The project is based on the Sustainable Mineral Institute’s leading expertise in promoting responsible resources sector globally and broad collaboration with Mongolian partners.

It is a pioneering initiative in Mongolia to develop a comprehensive training module on responsible mining that can be tailored to different local needs and scaled up for other users such as universities. 

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