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Translating Gas and LNG into Money: 2 Open LNG fiscal models..

With the new gas discoveries in East Africa and in the Levantine Basin has come the need for countries involved to better understand the gas value chain and how to structure complex and capital intensive Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) projects for the benefit of the country.
Having a fiscal model is key to enable this understanding.

Thomas Mitro (CCSI's senior fellow) and CCSI have built the first open fiscal LNG model that allows users to test different LNG commercial structures, compare domestic gas use options and assess the impact of various fiscal tools along the gas value chain. A manual has been developed to explain key concepts of the LNG value chain and how the model can be used. The recording of a webinar describing the model can be accessed here and the accompanying presentation here. Since the webinar we have updated the model with additional features.

In collaboration with the Commercial Law Development Program of the US Department of Commerce, CCSI has also developed an LNG-to-power plant model, which allows users to asses different structures along the LNG to electricity value chain for importing countries. The accompanying manual facilitates the use of the model.

Please let us know if you need any assistance in using the models.

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Comment by Henri-Claude ENOUMBA on January 22, 2019 at 17:36

 Not only in East  Africa , but Natural gas is far more important than oil to Qatar’s economy. Qatar’s energy minister, Kaabi’s annonced early in last december that Qatar would leave OPEC in2019 January this year  to focus its efforts on natural gas. Because Qatar seeks to boost its gas production  from 77 million tonnes per year to 110 million tonnes.

Some observers speculate that Qatar's move could shape Natural Gas prices in the long term, especially in Asia — where gas contracts are still linked to the price of oil. There is perhaps the sign that this is in fact  happening. The two models are indeed accompanying tools to better understand the so-called opportunity  given by LNG value chain !


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