sharing in governance of extractive industries

This week’s two first webinars on Environmental Governance of the Mining Sector brought together 269 people from around the world. These sessions focused on Mainstreaming of Biodiversity, Ecosystem Services and Human Rights in the Mining Sector, highlighting the case of Colombia. In case you missed this week’s webinars you can still catch it on you tube, thanks to our partners at the NBSAP Forum. You can access the uploaded recordings through our  playlist or get them directly in English and Spanish.

The webinars explored strategies to mitigate the effects of mining on human rights including the right to a safe and healthy environment of different groups in society, across time, and across different localities. Participants raised some very interesting questions on themes of environmental impact assessments, balancing economic development with environmental impacts, as well as the ecosystems and wellbeing framework.  In the coming days, we will post several of these questions in our blog on Biodiversity and Human Rights, for any GOXIians to discuss who may have experience, information or views on these topics.

This October we continue exploring the theme of biodiversity, human rights and mining and will be posting more news, resources and tweets. As a special highlight, we will publish an interview about Biodiversity and Human Rights with Claudia Ituarte, an international law researcher at the Stockholm Resilience Centre (SRC), and Advisor at SwedBio at SRC about this topic. 

In addition, we would also like to invite you to our other sessions. For more information visit https://goo.gl/dMaQs4. Registration is easy; just click this link and follow the instructions: https://goo.gl/K8P1Qq

Also check out the NBSAP Forum threads in English and Spanish and the List of resources for webinar 1 published in the NBSAP Forum here. Please note that, the Kenya-related webinar session was changed to Dec. 13 and an automatic email was sent to all registrants.

We hope to see you in November for our next session on Management of Mining Waste and Design for Closure. Stay tuned for further updates.

Jasmin and Sarah 

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