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The first of the annual congresses of Latin American Studies Association (LASA) to take place in a European city will discuss the impact of natural resources on the subnational level, with papers from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Peru. 

In Africa, Daniel Mulé reports that the Mbeki Panel on illicit financial flows has suggested that corporate tax avoidance may be costing the continent some $50 billion annually. The Oxfam senior policy advisor compares Zambia's latest efforts to minimize transfer pricing to a police speed gun. 

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New members - Welcome
  • Vincent Osebe Mboga; Geologist - Ministry of Mining; Nairobi, Kenya
  • Nancy Musu Tucker; Geologist - National Minerals Agency; Freetown, Sierra Leone
  • Yasir; HSE Manager - Umdurman Mining; Khartoum, Sudan
  • Forkpa Nuvor; Geologist - Ministry of Mines & Energy; Monrovia, Liberia
  • Christian Clinton Sarty; Geologist - Geological Survey of Liberia; Monrovia, Liberia
  • Gabriel Ekunoit Naspaan; Chairman - Turkana Natural Resources Governance Hub- (TNRG-HUB); Nairobi, Kenya
  • John D. Kalimenze; Head of Geology Unit - Geological Survey of Tanzania; Dodoma, Tanzania
  • Nicole Bieske; Head of Program - Transparency International; Melbourne, Victoria
  • Christopher Demel; Consultant for Mining and Mineral Resources - Projekt-Consult GmbH; Hamburg, Germany
  • Beatrice Mosello; Senior Associate - Critical Resource; London, United Kingdom
  • David Finlay; Responsible Minerals Manager - Fairtrade Foundation; London, United Kingdom
  • Anja Straumann; Research Associate in Resource Extraction and Human Rights - NADEL Institute for Development and Cooperation / Fastenopfer; Zurich, Switzerland
  • Sanda Issoufou; Head of Monitoring and Controlling Mines Exploitation - Ministry of Mines; Niamey, Niger
  • Critical Resource; Critical Resource - London, United Kingdom
  • Elena Ciccozzi; Associate Researcher - IHEAL-Sorbonne University; Rome, Italy
  • Khanali Mutsotso; Program Officer - Natural Justice; Nairobi, Kenya
  • Rudo Barbra Sibanda; Attorney - University of Pretoria; Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
  • Llyod Masuzyo Mseteka; Extractive Metallurgist - Geological Survey Department of Zambia; Lusaka, Zambia
  • Kenani Malama; Metallurgist - Geological Survey Department; Lusaka, Zambia
New posts
  • Anjin Return: An acid test for the new dispensation - Mukasiri Sibanda - Read
  • Armed with evidence: Zambia requires mining companies to cough up records - Daniel Mule - Read
  • The subnational effects of the natural resource curse: Three-session panels at LASA 2018 - Juan David Gutierrez R. - Read


  • EUROWASTE SRL; Fourth Symposium on Urban Mining Circular Economy; Bergamo, Italy; May 21-23, 2018 - RSVP
  • University of Aachen; AIMS 2018 — First International Conference – Mines of the Future; Aachen, Germany; May 23 - 24, 2018 - RSVP
Jobs and More
  • Consultant - UNDP in Uganda - Apply
  • Consultants (M/F) - GFA Consulting Group GmbH in Germany - Apply
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Featured new member - Anja Straumann

Anja Straumann is a research associate in research extraction and human rights at NADEL Institute for  Development and Cooperation in Zurich, Switzerland. She has conducted research about gold, copper, mercury, coal and energy projects in Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Colombia, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Kenya, and the Philippines. She is also studying the functioning of commodity companies and refineries in Switzerland and abroad. In addition, Straumann is familiar with international regulations and initiatives on resource extraction. She is currently pursuing an MAS at the Institute for Development and Cooperation at the Federal Institute of Technology.

(Information on featured members and organizations is based on content shared by members or publicly available information, sometimes edited for language and brevity, and should not be considered an endorsement by GOXI of any member's skills or experience.)

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  • The ethics of sourcing for electrics - Automotive Logistics - Read

  • VIDEO: A time lapse of Dubai's astonishing growth - Visual CapitalistWatch

  • Saudi Aramco appoints first woman to Board of Directors - Oil Price - Read

  • Peruvian president advocates for sustainable mining - Mining.com - Read
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