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What did Bolivia, Norway, Peru, and Timor-Leste do to manage the commodity slump that Ghana, Iran, Malaysia, Mexico, Mongolia, Venezuela, and Yemen didn't? Andrew Bauer and David Mihalyi analyze.

You may have faced this problem before at work: information sent to you in a PDF format, making it difficult, if not impossible, for you to extract the real information you need for your purpose. NRGI is making it easier to analyze EITI reports by extracting data from 223 reports from 37 countries and giving you tools to visualize them.

With some 20,000 individual downloads of OpenOil's contract repository since last November, Johnny West believes the value of contract transparency is empirically solid. With this third edition, 200 new contracts and 18 new countries have been added.

Streamlining Iraq's EITI process will take a bit more than four days, but a recent workshop in Beirut helped clarify the issues. Tackling the governance of EITI multi-stakeholder groups, especially the role of civil society, however, goes beyond Iraq.

Max George-Wagner too reminds stakeholders that the EITI Standard does not end at reporting; the ultimate objective is reform. He shares 11 recommendations for moving from reporting to reform.

IIED has Storified its #shareASM day. Check it out.

And Jackson Smith shares three videos on indigenous rights.

Plus more jobs, blogs, photos, videos, and discussions.

New GOXIans - Welcome
  • Mohamed Fernando Conteh; Lead communications - Sierra Leone Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative; Freetown, Sierra Leone
  • Marjory Murindah; Metallurgist - Ministry of Mines and Mining Development; Harare, Zimbabwe
  • Richard Ntaka; Lecturer - Kin London University; Congo, Democratic Republic
  • Bernard Taylor; Executive Director - Partnership Africa Canada; Ottawa, Canada
New Posts
  • VIDEO: Resource Governance: Indigenous rights in a global economy - Jackson Smith - Watch
  • VIDEO: Rodolfo Stavenhagen Keynote - Jackson Smith - Watch
  • VIDEO: Ovide Mercredi Keynote - Jackson Smith - Watch
  • Asman criticizes Ghana Gov't over increased charges - Seibik Bugri - Read
  • The EITI Process in Iraq: How do we move from transparency into accountability - Diana Kaissy - Read
  • Investing for peace? On the use of resource revenues to finance an eventual post-conflict process in Colombia - Juan D. Gutiérrez-Rodríguez - Read
  • Civil society representation on the MSG: a means to solidification or division - Diana Kaissy - Read
  • Dataset: Unlocking EITI data for meaningful reform - Marie Lintzer - Read
  • From reporting to reform: Eleven opportunities for increasing EITI impacts - Max George Wagner - Read
  • Sharing knowledge and expertise: what we learned on #shareASM day - IIED - Read
  • OpenOil repository third edition: 723 contracts from 72 countries - Johnny West - Read


  • CIRDI: Summer Institute on Resource Governance; Vancouver, BC, Canada; July 6-20, 2015 - RSVP
  • Norman B. Keevil Institute of Mining: Sustainable Development in the Minerals Industry (SDIMI) Conference; Vancouver, Canada; July 12-15, 2015 - RSVP
  • Community Consent Index 2015 lunch, panel, report, launch; Washington, DC; July 23, 2015 - RSVP
  • Blavatnik School of Government: Executive Course on Oil, Gas and Mining Governance; Oxford, UK; September 7-12, 2015 - RSVP
  • International Forum on Madagascar Mining & Petroleum; Antananarivo, Madagascar; September 23-25, 2015 - RSVP
  • World Mining Congress 2016; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; October 18-21, 2015 - RSVP
  • Faculty of law University of  Pretoria: Training on Masters, Degree, Studies; South Africa, Pretoria; February 1-December 31,2016 - RSVP
  • EITI 7th Global Conference In Natural Resource Governance; Lima, Peru; February 24-25, 2016 - RSVP

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Jobs and More
  • OXFAM America - Senior Policy Advisor, Tax and Extractive Industries - Apply
  • EITI - Regional Director/Country Manager - Apply
  • EITI - Information Officer - Apply
  • EITI - Communications Director - Apply
  • Partnership Africa Canada, Ottawa - Artisanal Gold Programme Officer - Apply
  • Engineers Without Borders Canada - Project Coordinator - Apply
  • Africa Practice - Country Manager, Tanzania - Apply
  • UBC - Assistant or associate professor, sustainability and policy for resources and development - Apply
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Featured GOXIan - Jackson Smith

Jackson Smith is completing his Masters in Community Psychology at Wilfrid Laurier University. His work centers on the implementation of international human rights norms into domestic law, policy, and institutions. In particular, he is looking at the implementation of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP), focusing on land rights, rights to consultation and free, prior, and informed consent (FPIC), and the rights to self-government and self-governance.

(Information on featured members and organizations is based on content shared by members or publicly available information, sometimes edited for language and brevity, and should not be considered an endorsement by GOXI of any member's skills or experience.)

Beyond GOXI: Books, news, papers and reports
  • China submits plan for reducing carbon emissions - Power Magazine - Read
  • BP to settle federal, state Deepwater Horizon claims for $18.7 billion - Oil&Gas Journal - Read
  • When it comes to conflict mining regulation, should one size fit all? - Sonal Sinha on Mining.com - Read
  • Mongolia's mining sector ready to take off again - Erdene Resources - Mining.com - Read
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