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How do you calculate the economic cost of conflicts with communities related to a mining, oil and gas projects? Well, don’t feel too bad if you can't quite figure it out. Apparently companies too are not doing a great job in that calculation. Daniel Franks shares this study and Antoine Heuty puts the study in the context of shared value in extractive industries.

Lien de Brouckere comes from the angle of the affected communities in an effort to narrow the gap in knowledge. 

Meanwhile, ICMM is working with the international organizations to tackle the issue of Indigenous Peoples.

Another detrimental conflict is that which happens within companies between labor and management. For that, South Africa is notorious, and SAIIA has been working on channels to release the South African industry from its Prisoners' Dilemma towards a new Social Compact.

Dr. Antipas Massawe takes a broad look at why mining has contributed so little to development in Sub-Saharan Africa. A running theme in his six-point plan is regional collaboration.

And just off the northwestern coast of the African continent, Las Palmas will be the location of Hispafrica's event related to European Energy Week and they are looking for contributors.

Remember: Senior government officials from anglophone Africa are invited to a training seminar on negotiating mine development agreements.

New GOXIans - Welcome
  • Giancarlo Carosso; Professor - Centre For Engineering Law And Economics Studies/Politecnico Di Torino; Torino, Italy
  • Marti Flacks; Deputy Director - Office of Energy Programs; Washington, DC, USA
  • John Filitz; Project Manager - University of Witwatersrand; Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Sarah; Tax Justice Advisor - ActionAid International; Nairobi, Kenya 
  • Abigail Hilson; Lecturer - Royal Holloway University of London; London, UK
  • Innocent Aboubakar; Chargé de Programme - National Democratic Institute; Niamey, Niger
  • Jessica Bratty; Senior Associate - Responsible Minerals Sector Initiative; Vancouver, BC, Canada
New Posts
  • Video - Introducing Enanga: African great lakes transboundary observatory  - Lien De Brouckere  - Watch
  • ENANGA: African great lakes oil and natural resources observatory - Lien De Brouckere  - Read
  • Mining in Sub-Saharan Africa: Why contributing so little in the development of economies within the Region!? - Dr Antipas Massawe  - Read
  • How profits are made in exploration and mining/who should pay taxes in the mining industry? - Dr Antipas Massawe - Read
  • From good practice guidance to good practice on the ground: ICMM and international organizations address mining and Indigenous Peoples issues - ICMM - Read
  • New research: How to chart a new social compact for mining sector in South Africa - Ross Harvey  - Read
  • The costs of conflict with communities - Daniel Franks - Read
  • Gucci commits to buying certified gold - Jennifer Horning - Read
  • A new generation of public control - Liliane Chantgal - Read
  • Working to level the playing field with guidance by and for mining-affected communities - Lien De Brouckere - Read
  • Shared Value: Managing risk and social Impact in extractive Industries - Antoine Heuty - Read
  • Maximizing revenue from extractive industries: Crown Agents publication - Steve Macey - Read
  • Without a bridge, how can you cross the divide? - Alice Powell - Read

New Event

  • Hispafrica: Invites for speakers and collaborators; Las Palmas; End of  June , 2014 RSVP
  • RWI:  Fellowship Program; Stavanger, Norway; September 15, 2014 RSVP

Upcoming Events

  • SDSG, IISD and World Bank: Training Seminar on the Negotiations of Mine Development Agreements; Arusha; May 26-30, 2014 RSVP
  • Synergy Global: Training course - The Hardest Job in the Business - Dealing with the Extractive Industry's Negative Impacts; Johannesburg, South Africa; June 9-13, 2014 - RSVP
  • Queen's University: Forum on Community Relations in the Extractive Sector; Toronto, Canada; August 18-29, 2014 - RSVP
  • Synergy Global & University of Witwatersrand: Certificate programme - Community Relations Practice in the Extractive Industry: Management of Community Benefits and Partnerships; Johannesburg, South Africa; August 25-29, 2014 - RSVP
  • IAIA: Special Symposium for Resettlement; Kruger National Park, South Africa; October 20-24, 2014 - RSVP

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Jobs and More
  • Center for Environmental and Advocacy: Call for Papers - Develop a Model Mining Policy and Legal Framework (Strengthening Mining Governance in Malawi Project - CEPA) - Apply by May 19, 2014
  • Cordaid: Business Development Manager/Expert Extractives in The Hague - Apply by May 19
  • The Carter Center: Fiscal and Legal Trainings Assistant for DRC Mining Governance: Short Term and Program Manager for Mining Governance Consultant at Carter Center in DRC - Apply
  • Artisanal Gold Council: Public Health Field Officer - Artisanal Gold Council - Apply
  • Tetra Tech ARD: Various Positions - Asia, Africa, Latin America/Caribbean - Apply
  • OGEL: Call for Papers - Dispute Resolution from a Corporate Perspective - Submit by July 31
  • TDM: Call for Papers - The Pacific Rim and International Economic Law: Opportunities and Risks of the Pacific Century - Submit by May 15
  • Adam Smith: Experienced Project Manager, Extractive Industries Governance - Apply
  • Oxfam: EI and Governance Researcher at Oxfam America in Washington, DC - Apply

Remember: Post a job as a blog and we'll do the rest

Featured Company - Ministry of Oil of Iraq

The Ministry of Oil is the Iraqi government agency responsible for the country’s production, overseeing 23 state-owned entities working in various aspects.  With 2.22 million BOE per day in oil + natural gas equivalents, the Ministry is Forbes’ 17th biggest oil company. With a potential of at least 4 million barrels per day, security is the biggest obstacle to production as the ministry struggle with sectarian divisions.

The 'featured' section is based on content submitted by members/organizations or information from public sources and should therefore not be taken as an endorsement by the authors of the Weekly GOXI.

Beyond GOXI: Books, News, Papers and Reports
  • Governing Natural Resources for Africa's Development - North-South Institute - Read
  • Turkey mine explosion: Grief, anger, violence mount as death toll climbs - Mining.com - Read
  • Kenya’s first commercial oil find could generate $10 billion - Oil&Gas Journal - Read
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