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"The assumption that civil society will hold government to account will have to be reappraised," Kazeem writes as he evaluates Civil Society and the Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (...* and discusses efforts to build capacity to perform that duty.

Still on capacity-building, Mukasiri Sibanda discusses how linkages can be created or strengthened between employees of large scale mines and those of artisanal and small-scale mines in Zimbabwe for mutual benefit.

John Sloan writes that Ghana’s mineral rents have played an outsized role in some areas (22 percent of government revenue in 2016) while contributing to a paltry 2 percent of formal jobs. Manufacturing value added, in comparison, is stagnated below five percent. What lessons can be applied for Ghana to meet the imperative for diversification?

Ugandan law says, "All minerals obtained or mined in the course of prospecting, exploration, mining or mineral processing operations shall be subject to the payment of royalties." The reality is different.

Byambajav Dalaibuyan toured decommissioned mines in...Japan! In his photo essay, he shows that there is life after mining.

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New members - Welcome
  • Rayhan Rashid; Director - Oxford Matrix; United Kingdom

  • Anna-Maria Nunenmann; Intern, Extractives for Development - GIZ; Bonn, Germany

  • Namalie P Jayasinghe; Gender and Women's Rights Research - Oxfam America>; Woodstock, GA, United States

  • Ouida Chichester; Manager - BSR; San Francisco, CA, United States

  • Alesia Dedaa; Student - University of Leeds; Leeds, United Kingdom

  • Ernest Okyere; Senior Mining Officer - Minerals Commission of Ghana; Bibiani, Western Region, Ghana

  • Andrew; Senior Communications Advisor - Oxfam America; Washington DC, United States

  • Pilar; International Relations Officer - U.S Department of Labor; Washington DC, United States
New posts
  • Civil Society and Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) in Nigeria - Kazeem - Read
  • Exploring linkages between workers in formal mining companies and artisanal miners - Mukasiri Sibanda - Read
  • Lessons from foregone mineral opportunities – the imperative for diversification in Ghana - John Sloan - Read
  • First things first; Government should sort out uncollected fees and royalties - Acomai Isabella - Read
  • Closed mines as sites of learning and engagement in Japan - Byambajav Dalaibuyan - Read


  • Prudence Ukwishate; RDF's Online Repository Training II; October 9, 2018 - RSVP
  • AusIMM;Call for Abstracts | World Gold 2019 Conference; Perth; October 9, 2018 - RSVP
  • AusIMM; Call for Abstracts | MetPlant 2019 Conference; Perth; October 9, 2018 - RSVP
  • Justin Landry Chekoua; Mining Governance Forum/Forum sur la Gouvernance Minière (FGM); Yaoundé; October 10 - 11, 2018 - RSVP
  • IGF; 2018 Annual General Meeting of the IGF; Geneva, Switzerland; October 15- 18, 2018 - RSVP
  • EITI;Opening Up Ownership: Africa; Dakar, Senegal; October 31 - November 2, 2018 - RSVP
Jobs and More
  • Responsible Mining Foundation - Head of Reseasrch - Apply
  • EITI International Secretariat in Oslo - Corporate Engagement and Policy Manager/Officer - Apply
  • EITI International Secretariat in Oslo, Norway - Communications Intern -Apply
  • Responsible Mining Foundation - Fundraising & Development - Apply
  • PWYP-US - Policy Advisor - Apply
  • GIZ - Advisor (m/f/d) for Extractive Resource Governance - Apply
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Featured member - Maria Sol Iriart

Maria Sol Iriart is a Mining Law and Policy Specialist with over ten years of experience in the mining sector in several countries across Latin America through work for the private sector, advisory, consulting, researching, and current collaboration with international organizations.

She has extensive knowledge of the regulatory and permitting framework in Argentina. She is a Mining Property Specialist who has been directly involved in managing projects in ten provinces of the country: Jujuy, Salta, Catamarca, San Juan, La Rioja, Santa Cruz, Chubut, Río Negro, Neuquén, and Corrientes. She also has experience conducting due diligence on mining properties and carrying out assessments, recommendations and legal research on properties. Other experience includes identifying and preventing legal risks, minimizing their impact, and bringing solutions.

Iriart holds a Master of Laws (LL.M.) in Mineral Law and Policy (with Distinction) and Master’s Degree in International Relations.

(Information on featured members and organizations is based on content shared by members or publicly available information, sometimes edited for language and brevity, and should not be considered an endorsement by GOXI of any member's skills or experience.)

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Beyond GOXI: Books, news, papers and reports
  • Venezuela's 2018 inflation to hit 1.37 million percent, IMF says - Bloomberg - Read
  • Top ten zinc producing mines in the world - Junior Mining Analyst  - Read
  • Chile eyes new copper markets to shield economy from trade war - Reuters - Read
  • The dire warnings of the United Nations' climate-change report - The New Yorker - Read
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