sharing in governance of extractive industries

GOXI Innovation Series - Pioneering a New Gold Standard: Innovative Approaches for Creating Social and Commercial Value in the Extractives Industry

From October 2 to December 14 2011, the World Bank Institute, in partnership with the World Bank OIl, Gas and Mining Policy Unit and Pact Incorporated hosted the first Governance of Extractive Industries Innovation Series. The series provided an opportunity to showcase innovative ways in which multistakeholders are approaching complex challenges in the extractives industries. We hope you enjoy watching the videos. Please contact Julia Mensah at jmensah1@worldbank.org if you have any questions or concerns.

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Comment by Shawn Gulliman on May 3, 2012 at 5:03

Great presentation. Goldlake has Jv'd with Soltera Mining Corp SLTA on NASDAQ on " El-Torno" Sounds like things are going well in the pursuit of a world class gold mine in Jujuy Argentina.

Comment by Ahmed Finoh on January 21, 2012 at 13:13

Is anyone listening?

Democrats should use the opening sentences in this video presentation by Prof. Marty Anderson to remind us about how things stay the same even though they appear to change. Compare prof. Anderson's statement on what would have happened to the (auto) Chrysler industry in 1979 if the company was allowed to go under as others were advocating at that time-the fed would have had to write a $4.5B unemployment check as a result if the company was allowed to fail.

When  President Obama decided to bail out the auto industry/wall Street because, according to him, they are too big to fail, he must have calculated the mushroomig impact on the economy, but has been cried down by the opposition for bailing out the auto industry and Wall Street. Can the Democrats remind the opposition what was done for Chrysler in other to prevent an economic catastrophy?

But one wonders why the 1979 econmic models were not re-engineered to forestall what the country went through by 2008. 


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